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  1. JeffD

    Dynex Halyard

    I should have taken more note when you mentioned Dynex Dux It is 4mm Dynex 75 - (12 strand I think) from Hampidjan, therefore has no cover as such. As suggested by the vendor I pre-stretched it before use. I was quite amazed how much it crept under initial tension, until at a certain %...
  2. JeffD

    Dynex Halyard

    Thanks guys, I appreciate you taking the time to make some suggestions. I'll give these ideas a try. Cheers, Jeff
  3. JeffD

    Dynex Halyard

    Hi, I'm using a 4mm Dynex halyard led out of the mast through a Ronstan mini cam-cleat. Now and then at worst possible moment this decides to slip through the teeth of the cleat by a few inches. The teeth on the cams seem OK and the lead angle is perpendicular to the cleat so it should be OK...

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