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  1. Crash

    The 2023 Aviation Thread

    This looks like a pure manual mode pass, so pilot is "hand flying" the jet. 100's of small inputs. Somewhere like 400 plus on a typical pass. In 2016 first version of "Magic Carpet" debuted, and reduced that to like 10-12 control inputs. In 2021, they upgraded it so you can even fly...
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    IOR landfills?

    That boat has been sitting and rotting/corroding away for decades on the Bay. It used to be up in Solomons Island, MD. Years back there was either a thread on it, or it was discussed in a thread. Short of a guy with the talent and resources of FoP, its a dreamer magnet, and leads each new...
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    Express 37 MKII

    According to my 2017 PHRF Fleet Handbook,in most PHRF regions where they are both rated, they either rate the same (72) or the Mk II sometimes rates 75. So as Schnick says, "Same, same."
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    Best cruising grounds to buy a boat in?

    It's a great deal for Moorings, that's why they do it. For you? At the end, you get a beat to shit (see above) boat to sell or refit. Think I'd skip it....
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    Best cruising grounds to buy a boat in?

    The real answer is the Great Lakes. Fresh water, short season equal way less wear and tear on boats...
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    Petrel has fallen down

    this pic of VOS Passion, with less then 7m draft looks makes it look like the dry dock is only maybe 8 or 9 m deep? Or did they have to block Petrel higher to maintain clearance around the Helo Pad at the bow?
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    The 2023 Aviation Thread

    Jet engine theory at Navy Flight School: Suck - Squeeze - Bang - Blow. Fuel can’t burn without air. Not enough air in equals compressor stall. Turbojet engines are thirsty and require lots of fuel…but are compact (smaller diameter) Turbofans are much more fuel efficient , but are larger in...
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    Gel coat superficial scratches -not too deep not too superficial

    As has been stated, depending on the depth of the original gelcoat and the depth of the scratches, there is a risk of sanding either a shallow spot in the gelcoat, or even maybe sanding thru the gelcoat. So as phill_nz suggests, I would start with the most gentle abrasion product you think...
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    IOR landfills?

    ^^^That's very pretty! Wonder why the swept spreaders, as she still seems to have a backstay...does she only carry jibs and no genoa? Did they increase mast height/sail area? Again, beauty of a boat, love the keyhole cockpit (from a looks perspective, not an ergonomic one)
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    ISO - J/27

    Saw that one too. Despite what add says, will take a fair amount of effort to get that boat up to "great racing shape." Hopefully electric engine is an outboard (Torqueedo, E-Propulsion, etc), and not something else...Treadmaster kinda heavy stuff for a J-27, so need to strip that and...
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    ISO - J/27

    Sailboat Listings is terrible for taking down ads of sold boats. The New York J-27 ad was posted in Aug 22, so likely is long gone. In another thread, a poster said the Maine J-27 is already sold...
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    Block Island Race - Now Requiring AIS Transponder, Really??

    Hey Free, We used to have a saying when landing on the boat - "one look is worth 1000 scans" - we humans like a "picture" when trying to build situational awarness. While AIS isn't perfect, it gives a much better picture in reduced vis, than any well stood watch can hope to provide. Both to...
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    Guesstimating range

    And, on average, esp in the winter, it tends to be upwind all the way from San Diego to San Francisco. That's why ocean races out here like the Santa Barbara to King Harbor, Newport to Ensenada, or cruising rallys like the Bahaha all have courses that head mostly south.
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    Guesstimating range

    Tomorrow's forecasted weather in Ventura will sure let you know whether or not any of the deck or fittings leak...
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Keel broke off and hull experienced a lot more damage than I want to admit...cause if I did, no one would come look at the boat...
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    Canoe stern - why?

    Good question, but there's this from a Transatlantic Record...,hours%20less%20than%20the%20previous
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    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Gotta up your google-fu game George :p
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    They had one at BOOT Duesseldorf show…
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    Never on a J-36, but on several different boats…S2 9.1, Beneteau Fist 30E…
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    J/88 - Replacement since it is out of production

    It's J Boats, so you know there is a plan. The stopped production of the 88, once it fell below a certain number of units/year for some period of time. No reason to keep building a boat people have stopped buying (new). Whether or not there is a direct replacement in the works, depends...