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  1. juniordave nz

    Trapeze harness rule change locked in!

    So this rule is coming into force in a few months. I know there are many quick release systems out there, but I am yet to find one that says it complies with the standard. So what are we to do? Is anyone aware of a harness that has complied with the standard?
  2. juniordave nz

    Auckland multihulls

    Looks like a good one
  3. juniordave nz

    Auckland multihulls

    Scene as we're showing off Auckland multis. This video is of my partner and I cruising at Easter
  4. juniordave nz

    Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    Some people mount cleats to the cross bar on their harness. Seems to work ok for some.
  5. juniordave nz

    what is it?

    Did they turtle the TF10 too. They need stronger rigs if thats going to happen every time
  6. juniordave nz

    A Cat Worlds Sopot

    From the NZ nationals. We had a good range of boats and I'm modifying my ASG3, so I wanted to get an idea of where all the platforms are at. Measurements for a good selection of platforms below.
  7. juniordave nz

    Under tramp main sheet for A Class

    I have a great 12:1 system on my boomed main. Not sure exactly what I'll do when the new deck sweeper comes, probably go under tramp cascade. I currently have 4:1 on the back with a 4mm dynema line, then a 3:1 on the boom with a 6mm sheet and double ratchet blocks. One ratchet at the front of...
  8. juniordave nz

    Grainger Raider 302

    Timberwolf would be hard value to beat. Go fast have fun. Timberwolf has been sailed a lot more than dragon as well, so is likely more sorted.
  9. juniordave nz

    Surface to Air: Artemis Racing film by Altair

    Someone get a moth out there and try it. Surely they'd be able to do it as well.... Great video
  10. juniordave nz

    Beach Cat Storage, Auckland

    I keep mine in a storage yard not far from you. I have a 40ft container there, but you may be able to keep your boat in the open there as well. It is a fairly industrial yard though. I'd guess $25 a week for storage of a boat there. Let me know if you want contact.
  11. juniordave nz

    Beach Cat Storage, Auckland

    Hey Mate, Sorry I haven't been in touch yet. Boat storage for cats in Auckland is crap. I think there may be some at Akarana once they've finished their redevelopment. They're expensive though. Are you still looking for an A-Cat?
  12. juniordave nz

    Neutral Helm

    The weight of your helm depends on where you have the pivot of the rudder and whether the centre of lift is in-line with the pivot (neutral), or behind the pivot (weather). It also relys on the fact that the centre of effort of your sail plan is behind the main foil. The distance behind the main...
  13. juniordave nz

    Auckland, NZ vs. Newport, RI

    HI Bboy Buy an A-Cat and join the fleet. We have a pretty good showing of A-Cats here. And asides from Paper Tigers, probably one of the most consitant cat fleets in the country. We're pretty useless as weekend club racing, althought trying to get better by using Wakatere YC. We tend to do...
  14. juniordave nz

    F-22 Update

    ^^^^ Exactly what I thought it looked like. But on an old little mono, its kinda cute. On a modern multi, it looks so wrong. What were they thinking. Also, back to the F22. Checked out the site the other day. Looks like 90+ pre orders and they're getting ready to start production in the...
  15. juniordave nz

    A class insurance in AUS

    I think AIG does them in NZ, so maybe Aus as well.
  16. juniordave nz

    Racing Trimarans vs Catamarans - All-around performance

    Grainger has thoughts on it here Quite interesting. Jessica Rabbit is for sale.....
  17. juniordave nz

    T-foil rudders on non-foiling multis

    Look down the bottom of this page for my winglets
  18. juniordave nz

    T-foil rudders on non-foiling multis

    How big is your boat? I could make you ones with a full span of about 500mm, or shorter if you wanted to cut them down. I've used them on my a-Cat L rudders. They are between 12 and 8mm thick with a max chord of 60mm and a min chord of 25mm (i think) They're a bit thick for the A-cat, but...
  19. juniordave nz

    New AC cat vs old AC cat

    Pumping a fast multihull isn't a thing. It's called trimming (as above). Changing trim quickly as you come out of a tack might look like pumping to someone who cleats and leaves their main. But all boats do that. The guys a muppet and looking to sell more books (actually smart move) if he...
  20. juniordave nz

    New AC cat vs old AC cat

    I guess the two main parameters that dictate speed with foiling are power to weight and aero dymanics of the things that don't produce power. So I would assume the 50's will be better in these aspects than the 72's

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