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    what are you listening to right now .... part neuf

    Here's a nice live set....
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    F1 2023

    The other factor to come out was that there are two jacks, one at the front and one at the back. The front jack is also designed to stop and locate the car and all teams use this. There is no distinction in the rules between the front and back jacks. The new rule will allow the front jack to do...
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    what are you listening to right now .... part neuf

    A great live set from wee Scotland....
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    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Once took SG as a part trade-in when I sold a previous boat - only owned her for two weeks before it was sold. Recall that she had a good set of sails at the time - only boat that I owned, but never sailed. There is a bit of a story behind her leaving Hobart......
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    Talking to yourself again Michael?
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    New Beneteau First 36

    This view is from personal experience in the 1998 Sydney Hobart. One of our crew suffered concussion in attempting to use the heads located in the forward part of the vessel. We also had a Bene 44.7 that had two heads and crew would never use the fwd heads when at sea - much easier if access is...
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    New Beneteau First 36

    With all due disrespect, I am not comparing IRC numbers, but the general design and layout of the boat where there are many similarities. I can't actually find any IRC rating for the Bene 36, presumably because they will first be rated in the coming northern hemisphere summer. Phil Sharp's race...
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    New Beneteau First 36

    I would have to say that the forward location of the heads, its small size and that unuseable wash basin (particularly in anything but at anchor) is a very poor design decision. Having the heads so far forward means that in any sort of sea-way the comfort and safety of crew in such a situation...
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    Curious - How Old Is Everybody?

    70 and just retired from full time work yesterday. Also a momentus day because we also sold our boat. Lots of life changes.
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    Unfortunately Michael, aka Slug, has become somewhat deranged. I suspect given his surname that he is actually from Poland. Why he has chosen now to adopt such a callous and utter contemptuous position is unclear. His postings in both this forum and also on boat maintenance...
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    Michael, er Slug, why you don't you just confine your comments to Fix it Anarchy where you are of some value - hope things are very safe for you in Spain.....
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    Random PicThread

    Pop's Muster Roll from CV-3. Attack on Pearl Harbor was 7 Dec 1941 and he enlisted 31 Dec 1941. Stayed on the one ship for the duration.
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    Meanwhile, in a sailing related matter, our SBS TV station in Oz has a nightly Ukraine 30 min segment of news broadcast from Ukraine. Last night there was a ten minute segment on sailing and it showed quite a modern looking yacht sitting in a cradle on the hardstand called "Alex". It looked...
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    How do you clean the brown stains on gelcoat?

    If using oxalic acid mix it in with a good quality detergent as well - don't just use it by itself. The boat has been sitting in the water for some time and will also have grease/hydrocarbon stains as well, so the detergent removes that at the same time. I buy it loose in a plastic bag from our...
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Look at the following sequence - clearly there are two trucks on the bridge at the time of impact - the first photo shows the first truck going up the ramp past the point of detonation, with the second truck further behind. The second frame shows the blast in front of the second truck. The third...
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    Australian Sailing

    Well GS and his cronies have stuffed sailing in Hobart for this season. Without any open consultation, they decided that they would do away with the AMS system and make ORC mandatory if you want to sail competitively. They tried this with IRC a couple of years ago and ran both AMS and IRC - the...
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    IT Question

    For some five weeks we have not been able to send any emails at all through our home modem. Connected are:- A Windows 11 PC running Live Mail 2012 Two iPads running the generic email program an iPhone running the generic email program A new laptop running EM Client mail and the standard windows...
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    Australian Sailing

    Maybe it's a Queensland thing to encourage more sailing.... Our NOR for the current winter series says self assessment.
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    Heads - Calcium(?) build up

    Serviced the Jabsco heads as the pump was getting stiff and it was leaking when sailing. I found a build of calcium like deposits was the culprit. In the exit pipe, it was about 1/2" think inside the 2" pipe. This was distorting the non-return valve. Other than chipping it away, is there an easy...