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  1. shaggy

    Meme Anarchy

    This one is really depressing for those of us of a certain age... Shocking actually...
  2. shaggy

    Donald Trump comes up with the ultimate grift

    Dude, fading now is the plan... She is gonna run in 28...
  3. shaggy

    NHL 2022-2023

    The presidents trophy has not been kind to the winner if recent history proves correct.
  4. shaggy

    NHL 2022-2023

    20 of the last 28... The schedule is favorable and they are rolling...
  5. shaggy

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Yea, blame the paper... lol
  6. shaggy

    Manhunt Underway For Roy McGrath, Maryland Governor's Former Chief Of Staff

    Exactly, I saw the $$ and thought "why is this important??" I mean, Can't ya just take out a 2nd mtg to pay it back at that point??? Why run??
  7. shaggy

    Daylight Savings…grrrr

    In AZ, no changes besides the earlier start of east coast hockey games :). The entire country shifted an hour ahead so I now need to get up early for my meetings on the east coast(5 ugh)... Rather we stay on the new time btw. late night sun/sailing is good. ...
  8. shaggy

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    I think a giant 16' skeleton eating the train regs would go over most excellently.
  9. shaggy

    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    Please define "Woke"
  10. shaggy

    What a Long Strange Trip

    Kinda want that shirt.. I have a couple dating way back. I think my mom was one of the first to discover the brand back in the 90's, the boulder shop on the mall is cool and I think it is still there. The dudes seem to have their shit together, their vibe is consistent along the lines of the...
  11. shaggy

    Nuclear Subs for Australia?

    LOL, At CSU (Colorado state) back in the day, there was a similar painting/art thing that drew some attention. Big bird was watching through the window though... LOL
  12. shaggy

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    OK, My roof cost about 20k 8 years ago. WTF are you spending on that???
  13. shaggy

    Random PicThread

    My Skip growing up was in wwII and was a seabee. The time they welded a pipe onto the exhaust/intake of a tractor so they could take out the coral at the harbor entrance was one of his good ones... :)
  14. shaggy

    NHL 2022-2023

    Meh, Keumpfer was by no means hot last year. Av's will be there in the end. They went all in last season and it paid off, so the cupboard is a bit bare as far as FA $$$. Hopefully landy comes back for some much needed net presence and EJ would be nice. If we get healthy, I don't think anyone...
  15. shaggy

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Substitute Steamboat for Heavenly and yup...
  16. shaggy

    Why not vehicular homicide charge?

    Agree, but it is fun.
  17. shaggy

    Why not vehicular homicide charge?

    Welp, I stand corrected, thank you sir. I must have mis read, Just chipped my WK so, OK.... Cary on. :) And the interior in the $100,000+ car looks exactly like my 2018 w 30k mi... LOL
  18. shaggy

    Meme Anarchy

    I haven't seen it in ages, but I do remember a brewery and something about a plot to steal a recipe and their show might have uncovered it?? Saw all the SCTV skits too, so they may be blending together... Catchy tune... "Take Off," which features Rush's Geddy Lee singing on the chorus.
  19. shaggy

    China- What next???

    Same, Family friends since childhood.. He went military after HS and got stationed there. He is in IT, so not so bad. Is a civilian working on base there now with a Wife and a couple kids. He is white and is very very accepted... They just bought a house...
  20. shaggy

    Meme Anarchy

    Fuck yes it was a movie... as a hockey playing midwesterner with a Canadian best friend it was on repeat in the 80's... Strange Brew

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