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    Cruising Depression

    Holy crap! Here is where the "eat fish" that contains phosphorus comes from
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    'The Tesla's of the sea are not far off'

    Thanks for your observations TL. Electric propulsion on the j88 (light displacement, limited drag) would work much better than on my heavier, modified full keel boat, especially in terms of speed per KW and therefore range. Light air performance is also very important because you can sail...
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    Cruising Depression

    Yep, cruising depression belongs to first world problems, and Self vs. Self struggle.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    It is a common theme. Commerce sells crappy flashy shallow goods, especially when it comes to art. If you look at pure sales (best sellers, blockbusters, youtube views), the shallower, easier, more pleasant wins. Quality sell less at a higher price because it finds a niche, or it doesn't survive...
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    1985 Nicholson 35' project...worth the trouble?

    A restoration is a good way to thoroughly inspect and test a boat and to do some customization. If you plan to live aboard or doing extensive cruising your time and money will come back in part in enjoyment and knowledge of your own vessel. Knowing weaknesses and strengths of your vessel because...
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    Jetty crash and loss of life

    I took some time to read through the several italian articles after the tragedy. I could isolate and translate the facts reported.  The Bavaria 50 'Dipiù was berthed in Ravenna Marina. Before heading out to sea the marina staff and the broker warned them of the bad weather conditions. Owner and...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I guess it became an expectation for young sailors with youtube channels... where's the chick?
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I don't remember this guy making it on this thread  but I found his cinematography absolutely beautiful. And the chick is stunning;
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    Boring, Slow, Hard

    A sailboat powered with electric propulsion
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    Best SH cruiser currently available for $10k
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    Columbia 30' for first sailboat?

    It's a very forgiving boat, perfect to learn.
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    Davey Jones Locker

    Why bother when you have insurance, and most likely the owner is not onboard? It's not your stuff and if it so the insurance will give you money. Why caring about things?
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    Best SH cruiser currently available for $10k

    Any good boat around 30' would do. Doesn't have to be BEST. Good luck!
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    Bye Bye to AGM

    Speaking of ancient technology... I have few questions for people who regularly use flooded Lead-Acid batteries. I post in this thread because it got a lot of competent people contributing about batteries. I unfortunately have a lot of flooded lead acid on my boat because of electrical...
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    Couple attacked with a hammer for having a nice boat...

    I just recently learned what a Grady White is and considering this new evidence I acquit the woman with the hammer.
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    'The Tesla's of the sea are not far off'

    Lightning strike will likely affect the spare starter as well. Or not. Lightning strikes are very weird phenomenons hard to predict. Generally speaking, a diesel engine has more chances to survive a lightning strike than an electric motor, as well as a flooded engine room.
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    Cruising Depression

    I totally agree BJ. When I left my country, family and friends in 2009 it was the beginning of smartphone technology and internet communication. Working in a remote archipelago was somehow less hard because of Skype, Whatsapp and other technologies. I don't know if I could have done it that...
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    Cruising Depression

    Depressed people experience an above normal feelings of being depressed, most of the time nearly every day. They however have less frequent moment of happiness, different from the maniac experience of the bipolars, that can become reckless and extreme. Depressed people are rarely a trouble for...
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    Cruising Depression

    Robert Pirsig suffered from clinical depression. Most of his writing reflected this struggle and I believe the way he took sailing as well. There is a good description of depression in that article, if you know of any friend or relative who suffers from severe depression you will see some truth...