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  1. gcutter

    Cape 31 OD

    Do you mean the 90's 30-2? It wasn't a sport boat so not a topic of discussion here. But, the only issue was getting wet and needing to be sealed up. Greg
  2. gcutter

    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    Offshore = distance, asymm, planes, etc? Sounds like an Andrews 28 to me, just at the upper end of your price range though. Greg
  3. gcutter

    Sun Fast 3300

    Congrats dude and dudette! You two rock and we're jealous you have 3 boats (now) to race all over the world. BTW, Carie and I delivered a J120 down from Newport RI to Hampton VA two weeks ago - windy and cold and that pole belches water into the V-berth. But, fast and stable. Cheers, Greg
  4. gcutter

    Everybody has a name for their self steering mechanism. What is your's called?

    Diablo's EV-100 autopilot is named Charon, the ferryman of Hades who guides the boat and its souls across the river Acheron (or Styx) from the living world to the dead one. Kind of creepy, but he's always delivered us when needed across various unfriendly and friendly waters, and we haven't had...
  5. gcutter

    With Layline and APS closed, who do you mail order from

    My spin on this: 1. IF you have a local chandlery or rigger use them first because you've got to support the locals, even if slightly more expensive 2. Used to use Layline and APS, but now Defender is my #1 for anything but rigging (see #3). I'm in Virginia and standard UPS gets me the order...
  6. gcutter

    AYC Doublehanded Distance Race

    Yeah, I was hoping you'd make it, but you're doing great in the Med so that beats the Ches Bay! Greg
  7. gcutter

    AYC Doublehanded Distance Race

    Who here is doing it, Annapolis Yacht Club Doublehand Distance Race on 2 October? Carie and I are racing our Andrews 28 Diablo in the ORC fleet, making us the smallest boat at the moment. We'll trailer her from Virginia to Jabin's on Thursday, 30 Sept, so anyone near Annapolis who can help us...
  8. gcutter

    Mixed Doubles Offshore World Championships

    Dude! Third place is great in an unknown boat and waters, congrats! Cheers, Greg
  9. gcutter

    You get 2 weeks notice....

    Hmmm, that's actually not horrible money-wise if you consider getting your own boat ready, but they shipping it, etc. Too bad I don't have time in September, not to mention there's no way they'll an old guy on a team. Greg
  10. gcutter

    Bermuda 1-2

    Phew, this is a pretty negative thread now and not sure why. I've known 6 people who have done it and definitely not well to do and most are not retired, or only recently so. Indeed, most did the work themselves (e.g., Ryley) because they are working stiffs, but with a dream. So, let's stop this...
  11. gcutter

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    BJ - that's pretty harsh for a boat you have never sailed on; "lightly built" doesn't describe the Andrews 28 at all. Indeed, Ivan overbuilt them, which didn't help him stay in business in the 2008-2010 recession. She does great in steep chop in a breeze, which when it blows in the Chesapeake...
  12. gcutter

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    He's right. Mine used to be in Connecticut so I know it fits. Here's a funny video of us doublehanding her in a fun race against fully crewed Melges 32, etc., we took 3rd:  Trouble is finding one for sale out of the four in existence. Cheers, Greg
  13. gcutter

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    ATN. Simple, well tested, reasonable price, and Etienne designed it for 50 footers. I'd still go with a top-down for the A3/5. Cheers, Greg
  14. gcutter

    Chartering Minis / Fig IIIs in Europe

    Don't get hung up on the west coast situation, you'll get transferred again back here before you know it! In the meantime, let's do the Pac Cup next year doublehanded on Barcanova; I'm not going on any major expeditions for another 2 years. Robert had great advice and as a former Mini owner, he...
  15. gcutter

    Tack gybe set

  16. gcutter

    name that harbour

    In response to the comments about Oceanside, I have only a four words that work for all their "well-designed" harbors in California - Army Corps of Engineers. Gulp. My $0.02 US, Greg
  17. gcutter

    Surveyor in Hampton, VA area

    If Lloyd is too busy, then Peter Eaves (HYC member). Cheers, Greg
  18. gcutter

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    Andrews 28 is this and more.  Greg
  19. gcutter

    Shorthanded Offshore Trailerable Boat Suggestions: See Criteria

    Nice Elliott 770 for sale in the Classifieds. Not mine, but used to be - I put her together and successfully raced a lot. Cheers, Greg
  20. gcutter

    New Android Sailing App : SailFreeGPS

    Wow, I'm impressed! Will use it when we sail on other boats, or if our nav goes down (shit happens). Merci beaucoup, Greg