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  1. White Wing

    Son of a Sailor Needs Your Help

    Thanks for posting - this is the perfect time to rally for a great cause! WWing
  2. White Wing

    Show your boat not sailing

    Good luck on Saturday - I'll keep an eye out for SpyHop.
  3. White Wing

    Show your boat not sailing

    I think she's a cool boat too! She is still ours and lives at Elliott Bay - we're racing this weekend Center Sound Series. If you happen by I'd be more than happy to show you around and contribute to your beer fueled mayhem!
  4. White Wing

    Show your boat not sailing

    Thank you! New to us last May - Farr525 Deck Saloon, 2006. Evolution of Farr Design 373M - this is Hull #2 of 2.
  5. White Wing

    Show your boat not sailing

    Koster Islands - part of the Kosterhavets National Park in the northwestern Swedish archipelago just south of the border with Norway. Shallow (5m), rocky and rocky/muddy anchorages are typical - holding is very good.
  6. White Wing

    Show your boat not sailing

    Not quite the last time I saw her, but almost --- headed for winter storage and project list... And here in cruising mode
  7. White Wing

    what was it?

    Unmistakable as a Doug Peterson design - beautiful! WWing
  8. White Wing

    Memosail watch

    Holy crap - just saw this same watch on eBay at $1000 and one in the original box in Germany for €1700....
  9. White Wing

    Memosail watch

    Still have this one, but moved up to an '84 Seiko Yacht Timer... WWing
  10. White Wing

    Best Sailing Sunglasses??

    +1 Lifetime warranty on the frames and lenses. Break an old pair that's now discontinued? Send them in and for $30 choose a pair of new models. Nice folks too. WWing
  11. White Wing

    Favorite quotes?

    To lead requires followers. WWing
  12. White Wing

    Gill shorts

    Pads are always extra. Buy the Camets and never have regrets. WWing
  13. White Wing

    Sailing in Seattle

    Happy to take you out for a city front sail on a nice day while you're here. PM me when we're closer to your arrival. WWing
  14. White Wing

    need help naming J88

    In case you get cold feet about Hornet, a name I used in a few regattas with my Melges 20 might be a good fit: Lift Ticket Seemed to fit when it would get up and plane WWing
  15. White Wing

    you bitches ain't got it even close to this good.

    Mosquitos are bad too - some are so big they have fighter escorts!
  16. White Wing

    why are all you fuckers here

    Um, no reason....but Snaggie Hobot's pictures Joke thread MSG KDH's Quill thread What's it rate? That'll buff right out AC bashing Scot bashing ...what else? WWing
  17. White Wing

    Worste thnig you evere hearde

    The baby is growing outside of the Fallopian tube, and won't survive. WWing
  18. White Wing

    RIP Florence Arthaud

    Total badass. RIP
  19. White Wing

    Opinion about the Dark Side...

    Yes, at the boat show they talked about being part of Sabre as soon as I said we had a sailboat - I don't think I've ever sailed on a Sabre, but they do have a good reputation. I think the boat show boat is supposed to be in town for a bit, so next weekend I think we'll see if we can get out on...
  20. White Wing

    Opinion about the Dark Side...

    Saw a very interesting boat at our last Boat Show - it's a <shudder> power boat, but Mrs WWing was really taken by it. Spent quite a bit of time on the boat and talking to the broker - lots of good ideas built into the design, and in the end I think it's a boat that I would also enjoy...