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    hey fucktard, i've had about enough of your ukraine bullshit. enjoy your vacation.

    hey fucktard, i've had about enough of your ukraine bullshit. enjoy your vacation.
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    The drama within the management of the US Olympic sailing program has exposed the real flaw within the structure of US Sailing. The Board restructuring about 10 years ago and the clear emphasis on promoting all things training over yacht racing now requires a wholesale change of some sort...
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    hey trumpsucker. i am so fucking tired of your shit. keep posting this kind of bullshit and i'll...

    hey trumpsucker. i am so fucking tired of your shit. keep posting this kind of bullshit and i'll flick your ass right out of here.
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    how much??

    A ton of people have asked how much Paul Cayard made at US Sailing. According to IRS form 990 for 2021, he was paid about $188,000 in total. But even more fascinating is that Jill Nosash, the Chief Development Officer was paid $227,272. And what, exactly did she develop?? It all adds up to a...
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    kill it?

    A friend of SA responded with this answer when asked what he thought of the current US Failing situation... I think the argument is that US Sailing wanted to use some of the funds raised by Cayard (not really very much) for member programs not related to the Olympics. As it is, the Olympic...
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    Cayard out at US Failing

    Paul Cayard, the alleged savior of the US Olympic team, has apparently been asked to leave US Flailing. The official word is that he resigned, but what we heard is that they had had enough of the Paul Cayard Show. And with an ego like that, this comes as no surprise. Don't try to email him at...
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    fucking mormons

    I hate nearly every "organized" religion, but I have a special loathing for these lying, cheating, perverted, racist, misogynists. They are among the worst people in the world. This should, but won't end this scam cult based on nothing but lies and hate. But, just like the endless pedophile...
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    U$ $ailing: How much is it worth to ya?

    transparency? from those fucks, not bloody likely.
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    the weight

    It might just be a coincidence, but the release last Thursday by the Rating Office of the Royal Ocean Racing Club of its “updated” Measurement Manual for IRC handicaps brought the protracted debate over the rating of Sydney-Hobart winner Celestial immediately to mind. Maybe that was their...
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    what is it?

    New IMOCA spotted in Spain?
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    what is it?

    Now that's what we're talkin' bout! Add a couple babes back there, plug in the blender, crank some Travis Scott, and you got it goin' on, G! Now what is it?
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    Grabbed this from FB and damn, it reminds of us an old Studebaker or something similar that has not stood well under the harsh glare of time. It musta seemed pretty avant-garde at the time, but now? Oh boy!
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    and another mass shooting

    dude, do not fucking go there, period.
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    but wait, there's more!

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    but wait, there's more!

    A dramatic development in the Celestial rating saga has been prompted from an entirely unexpected source 11,000 miles away from the TP52 group in Sydney. Russell Beale, a former Royal Yachting Association National Judge in the UK, has written directly to the RORC. His email of January 17 was...
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    cosmic debris

    Photo: ROLEX/Andrea Francolini The post-Hobart rating ructions have not abated. It’s just that none of the key players – not the owners, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia or the national authority – are yet prepared to take the next step. And, as always seems to happen in such fraught...
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    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    yeah, that's funny. fuck off.
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    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    not at all.i spend everything i can, always. i'm a dedicated boat owner who happily does what i can.
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    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    you funny. ive spent a fair bit of money the years, and i totally take care of my peeps. ask anyone if i'm tight. having said that, i am a bit puckered up about the cost of these things..