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  1. toddster

    Easysea winch handle

    Just received an email from the company.  They are indeed ramping up their campaign to sell "the next batch" starting Monday. So clearly it's a bit of a troll.  
  2. toddster

    Easysea winch handle

    At the risk of sounding like a shill... but I seem to be the only sucker user responding so far.  The idea is that they're always in place and always secured to the winch.  You don't have to mount and dismount them on every tack.  Maybe not such a big deal if you tack twice a day, but a PITA...
  3. toddster

    Easysea winch handle

    I um... was feeling phat one day and bought a pair for the primaries.  I do like them. Especially in those moments when the boat is on its ear and I no longer have to fumble for a handle with one hand.  At that price of course, I don't leave them out in the cockpit.  One more thing to set up...

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