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  1. flaps15

    what is it?

    Mini 12 meter. Can't remember what they were called. Illusion?
  2. flaps15

    caption contest

    Chick on left: Where'd they get this headsail trimmer, a cruising boat? Chick in middle: I don't know... but that's the last pizza coil he makes after each tack. I'm gonna beat him in the head with his winch handle.
  3. flaps15

    Senator Levin Pie int the sky

    Assault and Battery? The Stooges are rolling in their graves.
  4. flaps15

    Ted Stevens

    Tell you what Biff, I'll more than happy to retract anything corrected by the up coming NTSB report on this incident. In the mean time I stand by my posts. Your reaction to my comments and your uninformed accusations and incorrect interpretations of my explanations speak volumes of your...
  5. flaps15

    Anyone seen this yet?

    Visually the thing is amazing. Will they pull it off is anyone's guess. Too me it's far more cool than just another tallest building in the world. I think it ranks right up there with the transparent walkway over the Grand Canyon.
  6. flaps15

    Anyone seen this yet?

    Solar City Tower for Rio Olympics 2016
  7. flaps15

    happy birthday sol rosenberg!!!

    Best wishes Sol. Stay as crotchety as you are. ;)
  8. flaps15

    Lake Erie Anarchy

    Boats arriving in MHYC 2010 Falcon Cup For those of us that couldn't make it....
  9. flaps15

    Ted Stevens

    Yep, sea level. Keep goin' Biff you're burying yourself. Then again, you can always turn around, eh?
  10. flaps15

    Land Lock Lady Looking to Learn

    This place has become way too PC. Thanks, Port Tack.
  11. flaps15

    Ted Stevens

    I cut my teeth in, around and over the mountains of Western Pa., where the type of flying the Steven's airplane was attempting, killed a lot of people. Scud running into places like Nemacolin, Latrobe, Blairsville, Altoona and Johnstown to name a few, was crazy flying not to mention as we all...
  12. flaps15

    Ted Stevens

    No one can even make a call on what happened out there, ever done any scud running in mountainous terrain there, Biff? This is what I love about armchair sailors/pilots, Tell you what Biff, when you get past, let's say about 5000/hrs, SEL, MEL, Commercial, Inst., CFII, some turbine, known...
  13. flaps15

    GM Still Losing Money in Europe

    I think anyone would be foolish to buy into any IPO on a company whose newest "future of the company landmark" product is real-world untested, critically underrated, overpriced and not even yet available. Oh and don't forget ugly. Pig in a poke if you ask me. A sign of strength, yet still no...
  14. flaps15

    Ted Stevens

    Best angle vs best rate is a personal call on an obstruction/terrain, as I wasn't there, can't comment. My point was crashing slower is better than faster for survivors. Otters, turbo or otherwise are slow (STOL) aircraft. I did make a mistake in naming the pilot as "Willy" Phillips father...
  15. flaps15

    Ted Stevens

    I'll bet the O'Keefe, Morhard, Smith, Tindall and Phillips Families all agree with you. Oh wait, I'm even more sure "Willy" Phillips (survivor) is glad his dad (the Pilot) went out this way, you know... as opposed to Stevens in a Jail cell. (Sheesh...) Guaranteed when that plane hit the...
  16. flaps15

    Display the Tri?

    FYI & FWIW: 4-AT-B c/n 38 [NC7584]. 1928: Robertson Aircraft Corp, St Louis MO. Crashed in Ohio 7/1/77 while in service with Island Airlines; rebuilt by Kal-Aero. 1985: Al Chaney. 10/6/91: Kermit Weeks, badly damaged in Florida by hurricane Andrew in the fall of 1992. LOCATION: Vicksburg MI...
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    Those little icons

    Yeah well..... both my sister's are blonds.
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    Sometimes I feel like grabbing a couple of beers

    Testy.... Maybe you should fly Lufthansa.
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    One less Climate Change Denier

    Too many humans.
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    Sometimes I feel like grabbing a couple of beers

    Two of my closest friends are attendants, one on Continental and the other Southwest. From what I've learned from the both of them over the years, we're all surprised this hasn't happened sooner. While no one really (officially) approves of what this guy did. We are all cheering for his...