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    Cayard out at US Failing

    Also check the US International 14 Fleet. Largest fleet at the recent Sailing World Regatta Series in San Diego last weekend. Look it up.
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    This thread has been a joy to watch. Sailed against this team a few years back at the BVI Spring Regatta... Was a bummer to see the damage Irma caused but love the way these guys put their head down and got it done. Congrats on the launch!
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    Mumm 30 bowsprit mod

    Just so we're clear, the boat being discussed below is not a Farr 30... Here is an F30 rig - look at the unsupported tip. You can build a sprit config as robust as you want. Bottom line, if the mast is not designed for a MH Zero, you can take a wild guess what might happen. On the plus side...
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    Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole???

    Just had a 22.5’ pole done for a 50 footer by Forespar. Super nice. Insanely light.
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    Spreader boots

    Whatever you end up doing, don't trap any moisture up there at the shroud, spreader connections. With Stainless and Aluminum, plus salt air equals corrosion city. Your hardware turns to white dust in no time.
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    18 footer 2023 JJ Giltinan World Trophy

    All the organizers need to do is settle this with a good team brawl on the club lawn. Televise this too and its the best regatta in the history of sailing.
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    Mighty Merloe

    Most likely true. It's Mexico - Most boats get parted out when left alone.
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    Pretty sure the 18-footer JJ Giltinan is the best spectator event in sailing

    Nothing OD about this. Development continues.
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    Pretty sure the 18-footer JJ Giltinan is the best spectator event in sailing

    I suppose my point was that Foiling in general has been over hyped and over promoted compared to just good quality sailing. Skiffs are raw and powerful. They fly without assistance and show how good coordination, brute strength, and a box rule development class like an 18 Footer can be hugely...
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    Cayard out at US Failing

    Not even hitting 40 hrs/week. Sweet gig! Where do I send my resume?
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    Mighty Merloe

    If that Cabrillo Long Dock could talk... so many legendary vessels visiting there at some point.
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    Carbon Tube

    Nope- graphite tubes are too springy for a pigstick. Thin sidewalls. You want Carbon tiller extension tube that won’t shake and wiggle the sensors. CST in Australia ships DHL and you have it in 2 days to USA. ICE in Washington has similar. These two make some of the best and stiffest small...
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    Fair Winds Hank Easom

    Didn't know him but always saw him at the front in Yucca everytime I raced in the Bay and DD. Respect.
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    Islands Race Wx

    Yup on all accounts.
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    What brand trapeze harness is this?

    Bigfoot - out of Sydney OZ. You want a custom harness tailored to you, not off the rack. Call the US Rep, I hear he is super cool.
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    Islands Race Wx

    There's a TPac Qualifier on May 19-21, LAYC. I'm thinking most boats do that if they still need the miles.