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    Craigslist finds- Tragedy edition

    That is a bow roller and half…..(4th photo)
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    Sailboats with a bulb at the bow

    There was also a Prout catamaran with one
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    what is this rig esp the top of the jib?

    Close…. And it actually works
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    Zaraffa at 220k

    Assuming this is soon after launch… Shows no bowsprit, now whether is a masthead kite is a another question….
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    Zaraffa at 220k

    Skips previous boat is in the classified here as well, ex Aurora, cold molded cedar/Foam core built by Brooklin BY. Great boat, did 2 N-B’s and Miami-Mo Bay, I’d buy her if I had the cash
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    Can we please have SOME standards here?

    I believe that would be 20.5 (or 20 1/2 for some)
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    Resin Infusion - Up in the air

    Well, there are a couple of ways that you can lower a blade without a crane…….
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    Zaraffa at 220k

    Skip always owned nice boats
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    Sealing footstrap holes No holes….
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    Sailboats at Dunkirk - "...I did not know that..."

    And my grandfather……who is the reason I sail and became a Naval Architect……
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    Pics That Get You...

    I’ll add one more. This time with a keel…yes, that keel....between the two photos pretty much decided that ‘yes I want to be a Naval Architect’
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    Pics That Get You...

    This one
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    IOR landfills?

    IIRC they got as far as at least considering ‘Morning All’
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    1983 Passport 40 - For sale in Seattle

    Join the Facebook page Robert Perry Fan Club and ask the question there
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    IOR landfills?

    Pretty much every serious IOR was done like that………until maybe IIIa was introduced (early 80’s ???) when IIRC they required a density check on the water and a modification if it wasn’t ‘standard seawater’ at 1.025 ……rather than 1.000 for fresh
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    English sailing jargon - help a bloke make his diploma :-)

    He should get a copy of ‘The Oxford Companion to Ships and Sea’ if he can…..has all the jargon and the roots to the words.
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    I feel the need...the need for speed

    Just got back from it as well, must have picked the windiest day in San Diego all year to film……
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    Chandlery Supply delivery problems?

    Even power boats are all messed up…….brother runs a small place and last week Honda redelivered all the stuff again from last year…..that was ordered in 2020…….took so long that everything got reordered….. talked to another friend, well known powerboat builder…..ordered 15 windshields….received...
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    Might come in handy with everything going on right now with the fucking nutcase in Moscow….
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    Yeah I work in sails... I'm a sailsman

    No way, I made 46k as a NA with 7 years experience………back in 1997……a straight out of college NA should be easily making over $60k in the US nowadays Now I’m a NA, no longer working in the marine industry, with about 30 years experience…..and I make over $150k plus really good benefits