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  1. Rangi

    Song suggestions for Playlist for motoring

    Pay me my money down.
  2. Rangi

    Cape to Rio 2023

    First mono to finish is looking like the only single handed sailor to ever complete the race, and in the smallest boat in the field I think. An impressive result.
  3. Rangi

    Most Evil

    I wasn't expecting the Spanish inquisition...
  4. Rangi

    No smoke here no more

    Currently NZD$40 (USD$27) a pack in NZ - mostly tax. People keep buying them…
  5. Rangi

    Dear Abby,

    GMD and Raz'r speak the universal truth
  6. Rangi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    E2 - I reckon we kiwis,  more than anyone, have learned not to count the poultry. We’ve ended up with omelettes too many times...
  7. Rangi

    Who goes home first

    The odds on it being American Magic heading home first shortened dramatically today
  8. Rangi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They’re on foils 3 and 4 at present. 
  9. Rangi

    Practice Races This Week

    Or perhaps they just broke something and it isn't fixed yet..
  10. Rangi

    Practice Races This Week

    Media are quoting that NYYC and Ineos not going out today. Ineos "broke something" on day one and not repaired yet.
  11. Rangi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The mighty Ponsonby Cruising Club in the foreground - home of the Lipton Cup. 
  12. Rangi

    What features will the winning boat have?

    It won’t have a camo steering wheel.
  13. Rangi

    Corona Virus

    Lemon’s Hill?
  14. Rangi

    Electra-Scan Type 1 Marine Sanitation Device

    Shu - if no one takes the whole system, I’d love to get the electronics (control box, display unit and start/stop button). 
  15. Rangi

    Vintage Wine: Whitbread 89/90 movie

    Check Apple TV - I watched it in NZ a couple of weeks back on there
  16. Rangi

    Financial Goal, a boat in both Hemispheres

    You do realise that Europe and the States are in the same hemisphere don’t you?
  17. Rangi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Fucking hilarious the way they used to ponce around with it and you had to wear white gloves to touch it, and now it's down the local Maccas!
  18. Rangi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Pretty shortly after the big one is on a ship is what I've been told. Pete and Blair are concentrating on the 49ers for a couple of weeks, so maybe after that?
  19. Rangi


    Fucking awesome Alcatraz! Well done 
  20. Rangi

    AC36 - The Venue

    What I heard from someone I believe to be quite well informed is that when they got the estimate of construction cost for the Renzo Piano design they ditched it...

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