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    The Covenant School

    FUCK YOU and yours .
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    The Covenant School

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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    took a brand new Hunter 36 from Sing to Brunei once , can attest that the quote is true ..... fuker leaked from everywhere .
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    and another mass shooting

    be fine as long as your holy guns are left alone .
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    Phuket Raceweek

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    The BLUES

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    Are you woke?

    that's the flaw ... right there . the rest of it is actually quite good . pity about the what about ism
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    Coolboats to admire

    plugs ?
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    Bring Back the Reach

    sacré bleu ... the lunch .
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    @Keith , I presume it's ruskies flooding the #Ukraine with Chinese Hooker Ads ?
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    LONQR 2

    and ya gotta wonder about Chris giving it a like ?????????????????
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    LONQR 2

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    LONQR 2

    SHssssssssss ...
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    Body modifications

    the fuck .
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    Just ask Melania

    that makes her a one trick pony , you gotta wonder if any others have an eye for the bitch .
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    Where is snaggletooth?

    wherever the miscreant is , the absence is pasted a joke and a serious explanation to the class will now be required .
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    Show your boat sailing thread

    they'll be sending ya back to phantasy land quick smart . Kudos on kick starting another gen of sailors .
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    EV car thread?

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    SV Seeker

    sorry Doug ........ help was there BUT you chose to ignore it ,,, so FUCK YOU !!!!!
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    yep , Oz is just a decade behind USA sad , sad . sad .

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