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  1. Rude Dog

    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    Ahoy, Conrad! Watched your video- quite enjoyable. Loved the music selections and seeing the places visited. Australian registry of the boat, German subtitles, your wife speaking what sounds like a Scandinavian language, is all a bit intriguing... Now that I've seen how you've set up your...
  2. Rude Dog

    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    Thanks for this post. I truly appreciate it. I had not spoken to or heard from anyone yet about the swing keel. While I love the concept, I don't like the squared-off shape of the foil, so I went with the deep draft. Of course, I lose the advantage of being able to go into shallow moorings...
  3. Rude Dog

    Nova Scotia in August

    Good topic & info! I am thinking about a similar cruising trajectory...even as far a Newfoundland. Would love to read more views and commentary about sailing in these waters.
  4. Rude Dog

    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    Thanks for the comments, Jim. Wilco on future reports. God knows the Cruising Anarchy forum could use it. Yep, I am making an effort to escape the CA Tax Man, as I don't have a Prop 13 fallback (after my divorce 15 years ago I did not buy another house, have just rented). Truth is, my move...
  5. Rude Dog

    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    Interesting! I am not planning to stay down in FL in the summers! Just a tax haven, really.
  6. Rude Dog

    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    SI Cherry! (kidding- just an old taunt from back in the day. My bro went to SI. I went to Riordan for 1 semester in my sophomore year)
  7. Rude Dog

    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    Wow. I thought this thread had died a natural death....thanks for asking, Scottish. Update Beneteau pushed the completion date back to 23 April- so about a month to go. Hull #760 (reportedly) will be ready to leave the factory in less than 30 days! Soon the torture will be alleviated. It...
  8. Rude Dog

    Who's racing with a Pro onboard tomorrow?

    Perhaps, and perhaps not. I didn't say we weren't successful- we were. Extremely. And I confess that I learned a lot from the pros- they definitely have a knack for, and understand how to, make a boat sail faster. That much is undeniable. But the bottom line is this: pros are working when...
  9. Rude Dog

    Who's racing with a Pro onboard tomorrow?

    Definitely not me. Not tomorrow. Not ever (again). I've sailed with pros dozens of times over the decades and have sworn them off- permanently. Can't stand 'em. Want nothing to do with them. They have no clue how to relate to those of us who "done the work" to be able to afford to...
  10. Rude Dog

    My experience with YouTube so far

    As I climb the walls, dealing with an interminable wait to take delivery of a new boat this spring, I'll cop to a comment above (I'm 65, newly retired and not much else going on), I admit to binge-watching a lot of sailing vids on YouTube. Almost all of them make me blanch-for one reason or...
  11. Rude Dog

    Damn Orcas

    Empty your holding tank?. Have you heard about whale shit? Whales have been emptying their holding tanks for 100 million years and the Orca are still here. Six years ago, about 100 miles west of San Francisco on a delivery from Oahu, our 35 foot sloop, cruising along under full main and Code 0...
  12. Rude Dog

    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    Somebody give this guy a Grammar Citation: Tell him we do not use an apostrophe to denote a plural word. This simple rule of English was taught in the second grade. anchorages pics Sincerely, The Grammar Police
  13. Rude Dog

    Cayard out at US Failing

    I think someone alluded to it a page or two earlier: Americans in general don't give a rat's ass for sailing, much less Olympic sailing. It's too bad, but that's just the way it is.
  14. Rude Dog

    Fair Winds Hank Easom

    I looked up to Hank Easom my entire sailing career. "Follow Yucca!" or "Where's Yucca?" or "Which way is Yucca going?" was how many SF Bay racers learned the best way to go. Ashore, he was always a gentleman, friendly, approachable and kind. RIP to a Bay Area sailing legend.
  15. Rude Dog

    Charleston Race Week 2023?

    Sorry- missed the this as I'd lost interest in the thread. It's an old photo, when I still had hair but not much wisdom. Let me clear up the mystery and answer your question. It says "Sucke This."
  16. Rude Dog

    Here is a guy who just did it.

    They operated a plant in Marion, SC for many years that produced hundreds of Beneteaus, but closed it a few years ago when the tax laws changed- many jobs lost. Now all are built in France as far as I know. They operate a few different facilities in Brittany. Expected delivery date around May...
  17. Rude Dog

    Here is a guy who just did it.

    Howdy, Chester. After quite a bit of deliberation, I decided- first off- I wanted a brand new boat. After watching scores of cruising videos on YouTube, one can see perhaps the biggest bugaboo to cruisers is equipment and gear breakdowns due to wear, tear, gradual deterioration, not to mention...
  18. Rude Dog

    Here is a guy who just did it.

    Ha! Fair enough, Jud. Man, I wush I wasn't so goddamn bored at the moment. I feel like a caged, starved tiger- holy shit- it better not be sapping my sense of humor. Slap me around if I show signs of seriousness. I agree- cruising seems to be a lot more mainstream, based on my YouTube...
  19. Rude Dog

    Here is a guy who just did it.

    Gotta watch what you say and how you say it around these Super Anarchists...I think we all understand the gist of his "something primitive" comment. When you're wealthy, "Because he can" might explain his impulsiveness and decisions. I'm somewhat envious of him, Fabio look/pose...
  20. Rude Dog

    Schock 35 dilemma - I could use some help, or....

    Ha! Haven't heard that analogy before. Clever. Non-pizza slice monohulls: So yesterday