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    EV car thread?

    In the shit hole known as the U.S., 3100+ kia/hyundi gassers are quite well documented as bursting into flame for "no apparent reason." At least 103 injuries and a death resulted. Over a half million recalls. A little bit of research shows that up in seconds. Dunno about worldwide numbers, but...
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    Start box Traffic Light

    Shower thoughts: I was thinking about this this AM (instead of working) and drew up a quickie schematic (12v lights and horn are left as an exercise for the student): Easy enough to whip up. Relay module because they're cheap, isolated, suitable for the speed, and can be driven with 3v3. A...
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    Start box Traffic Light

    I was being a bit tongue in cheek. However, looking at the sailboat $$$, maybe I should build these. I'd help out with software if all y'all want. Pm me.
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    Start box Traffic Light

    You'll need: A microcontroller (I'd use an ESP32 because they're cheap and have WIFI and bluetooth) Some FET drivers (or relays) to turn on the lights/horn Lights (LED) and horn. Powersupply for the lowvolt stuff. Enclosure and battery. Add a bit of time to write the software, and bob's yer uncle.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Yup. I don't think that's quite right. The block looks weird for a Catalina and it looks like it's a different line (blue) to the deck on the stbd side. Pic stolen off the internet of a sistership of mine (387, not 36): Bitter end attached on deck, stbd side. You can see the like from the...
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    Shingles Vaccine?

    Get the vaccine. I had shingles when I was 45 or so. Top of my head down to one shoulder. Worst pain ever, and it just goes on for months. Feels just like pointing a propane torch directly on your skin. It was interesting that all the Dr's warned about it getting in the eye as that's really...
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    Best powdered sport drink for long days on water?

    Except for the no caffeine requirement, I'd suggest Brawndo. Because it's got electrolytes.
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    Game changing battery tech?

    Me three. I worked on AL/air and ZN/air batteries over 30 years ago (contract SW development, not chemistry). For big things, not hearing aids. It was gonna be the biggest breakthrough of all time. Once funding dried up, the projects disappeared. Just wasn't going to work at the time, with the...
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    We're all quite lucky Covid != Captain Trips. I've often wondered what it would have looked like if it was (and the vaccine was effective against it). Would a 99.4% fatality rate instead of a .34% fatality rate changed any minds? At some point with cars full of dead folks blocking roads would...
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    DeBond Marine Formula Adhesive Sealant Remover

    And wedges. Keep pressure on removal whilst applying expensive magic goo. No magic wand until you need to clean off the bits left on after whatever was intended to be removed has been removed and/or destroyed. Then it's great for cleaning up the surfaces.
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    EV car thread?

    Loud? Yup. Interestingly, when I ride in a ICE vehicle I find that the transmission changing gears is really annoying. It's just not the smooth I've gotten used to with the EV. I probably should install a L2 charger. FFS, I've got a subpanel about 10ft away from where I plug in the car. But...
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    How to remove older (pre-2009) Plastimo Contest Mini Compass?

    DeBond it. Pricy. Works. Denatured Alc works kindasorta. If you've got plenty of time and can get at some surface area of the 5200.
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    Those who do know shit about tools

    All four of my hot melt glue guns laugh at me. It's a tool I very rarely use. Dunno how I ended up losing them 3 times. Some tools it's just better to have multiples to begin with to appease the tool deities. Hammers. Always have lots of hammers. Even if all of them are the same 16oz claw hammer.
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    Stinkpot Agound at Honolua Bay

    I heard it was coming right at 'em.
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    Maybe Storming The Capitol Wasn't Such A Good Idea

    And somehow, in addition to that, nobody goes bankrupt for medical bills. The police don't tend to slaughter and abuse citizens.
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    $100B Mormon Church Scandal

    Oooh, that .0156% penalty is really gonna leave a mark. The golden rule...
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Poor and/or POC people get to appeal from jail (and have it denied almost always). 'Powerful' white dudes seemingly get to do whatever they want to without any consequences whatsoever. In other news: the pope wears a funny hat, and water is wet.
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Holyshit... Michelob Ultra and Bud Light? The horror...
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    What car in history has the best instrument panel?

    Rambler seats remind me of:
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    Meme Anarchy

    I used to off-road a ton, and liked camping. Backcountry camping + a few kids + some miserable desert windstorms in a tent = end up owning a motorhome. It was great fun and our friends bought a trailer to go with us. They ended up with a pretty good sized 34' ish trailer with a Ford pickup to...