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  1. Lex Teredo

    Experience with gel coat peelers?

    Oh sweet Jebus. There are things I'd rather not know, that I can't un-learn. This one is now on the list.
  2. Lex Teredo

    How to remove old stickers?

    NOOD stickers... the answer to the question, "but what if 5200 doesn't adhere as well as I'd like?"
  3. Lex Teredo

    Hypothermia Briefing

    For people who are bundled up against the cold, it is hard to see a lot of the physical symptoms. Blue face, shivering - hah, normal cold & wet, embrace the suck stuff. I'd refer to this kind of stupid as "disoriented, agitated or unusually argumentative," almost like a mid-stage Alzheimers...
  4. Lex Teredo

    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    For somebody who actually knows what happened - did the villain loosen, or tighten the lifelines? Both are vile fuckery, only the former is dangerous, and we seem to be taking for granted that is what he did. In a close OD fleet, shortening the lifelines by a couple inches of tightening...
  5. Lex Teredo

    Fiberglass battery tray source

    Had to replace my old one - not a box but tabbed in plywood with padeyes screwed to it. Cut the old one out, measured, got some marine ply, heavily epoxied it to seal it, bedded it in, will tab glass over the sealed wood this spring. A little fussy but not a huge job - in case you don't find a...
  6. Lex Teredo

    US wants to limit speeds to 10 knots for boats over 35 feet on East Coast

    You referring to the whales, or the J/105's? I've done enough stupid driver tricks to know I shouldn't throw stones here.
  7. Lex Teredo

    US wants to limit speeds to 10 knots for boats over 35 feet on East Coast

    Because like a lot of people, they hate J/105s.
  8. Lex Teredo

    TP 52 Cruiser

    Yeah, I've wondered for a couple years if this thread is a work, a little bit of Andy Kaufman to lighten up our usual questionable sailing / verbal pro wrestling forum.
  9. Lex Teredo

    Bilge paints - all the same?

    Bilgekote works for me - fresh coat every other year. Gray then white - the alternating colors help ensure full coverage and highlight areas that may need attention, same as bottom paint. The only downside to the routine re-paint is that cleaning out the bilge for re-paint is a complete SOB...
  10. Lex Teredo

    Craigslist Finds - Keelboat edition

    Just "needs some TLC." Either that's a troll or the most un-self-aware boat owner ever.
  11. Lex Teredo

    Has anyone gone to the Sailboat show in Annapolis

    If I'd known Stevie was hosting a party I'd have gone. I could take or leave most of the YouTubers but Bacons is always a fun place to mooch through the old boat fittings and wonder about their stories, and Stevie is the Man.
  12. Lex Teredo

    Has anyone gone to the Sailboat show in Annapolis

    Meh. I'm local, go to shoot the shit with friends and acquaintances I know from the local scene, to buy a few knick-knacks - good source for bags, lighter duty foulies, sunglasses, etc.; and to sample whatever booze is on sale plus the de rigeur hi test painkillers from Pussers. Over the years...
  13. Lex Teredo

    Using Vodka to winterize head

    I've attempted to winterize the head using dark rum but I first organically process the rum, generally in a solution with high fructose solvent or in suspense poured atop a CO2 / H2O solution containing ginger and sucrose. After organic processing, I empty the container into the head via low...
  14. Lex Teredo

    "Zero Emissions" by 2035?!?

    We are around three orders of magnitude short of power supply and transmission capacity to go zero emissions nationally, and California already has rolling brownouts at peak usage times. None of the states thst care deeply about mother earth want large tracts of land needed to use wind or solar...
  15. Lex Teredo

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    I suspect we have the same favorite Naptown diver. LOL. Been up on the hard this year to rehab an injury - to myself, not the boat. I miss doing business with her. Divers are generally pretty good when asked about bottom paint - the smoother and better it is at fighting growth, the easier...
  16. Lex Teredo

    Sailing inside a hurricane

    I watched that video and all my inner voices, including my Inner John Kretschmer, said, "Nah, think I'll get another steaming hot cup of coffee and just watch that on YouTube." Nasty conditions.
  17. Lex Teredo

    Patch-it Anarchy! Rip-stop tape on sunbrella-type boat covers?

    I'm not fancy enough to sail a boat that wears tweed in the off-season at the YC! Our canvas guy repairs our boat cover (35 foot keelboat, *slightly* different problem set) by stitching up patches that are a couple layers of fabric and sewing them on over the wear points. We have them at...
  18. Lex Teredo

    The Official "AITA" Thread

    Best guess - There is usually good pressure across the mouth of the West River, particularly when the wind is blowing more or less north or south, on a line between Dutchman Point and Shadyside. If the wind was pretty much straight N/S as Ajax pictures it, that also allows for a true...
  19. Lex Teredo

    "Marine Grade"

    It's a decent enough source of racing crew if you're friendly to the young clerks. We've gotten a few from there. Need I mention they also get an employee discount, which I never took sufficient advantage of? It's not just the "not enough sailors" thing though. Plenty of knowledgeable...
  20. Lex Teredo

    Sharpest hull colour scheme

    Yep. With Jonathan Bartlett calling tactics and eyeballing the sail... Couple pickle dishes there. I notice there is a line dragging in the water. Well, if they're doing it, I'm going to start doing it. Must be faster that way. ;-D