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  1. MangoMan

    Lesbian Robots

    Well, the headline says, *First* Lesbian Robots,  But those in the know can refute this. (Anybody else miss LR)
  2. MangoMan

    Pulling Oil Sample for Analysis?

    If you want to use oil analysis over time, it is a good thing to be disciplined with your sampling procedure. Do it the same way every time you pull the sample.
  3. MangoMan

    Two things I miss ...

    I miss Lesbian Robot, and Lesbian Robot.
  4. MangoMan

    Between Boston and Maine, stopping spots

    The water temperatures North of Cape Cod, and more specifically the Gulf of Maine, are the reason I will not go sailing there without a liferaft. 
  5. MangoMan

    Life is a Beach - post your favorite beach photo

    Nope, not even close.
  6. MangoMan

    Solo Sailor Found Dead

    PPALU definitely my fave of all the Spronks I have seen. Lots of fun when Mr. Surprise was running her.
  7. MangoMan

    Swedish Socialist Nanny-State Hellscape of the GOP's Fantasies

    What's luck got to do with it. If you don't like it, leave. What's stopping you?
  8. MangoMan

    Darwinism redux

    The CSY 44 is barely seaworthy in the Sir Francis Drake Channel, where it dominated in the 80's.
  9. MangoMan

    Darwinism redux

    Yeah the irony of it all is why I posted this in the first place .... they are posting on the Coral Bay page asking people who just went through 2 hurricanes for help ... because their "mission"  to "help" is to take locals for some free daysails. #thanksnothanks
  10. MangoMan

    Darwinism redux
  11. MangoMan

    Darwinism redux

    So, I ran across a post from these guys who are trying to sail what looks like an old CSY 44 to the islands .... took an ass kicking on the way to Bermuda, and now are trying to make it to Coral Bay, St. John. Their post was an appeal to help them in their "mission". 
  12. MangoMan

    Displaced BVI / USVI cruisers & alternative plans for '18

    I think one of the scary things will be seeing what happens when a bareboater who is used to the easy cruising in the BVI's decides to rent a boat in the Windwards .... 
  13. MangoMan

    Displaced BVI / USVI cruisers & alternative plans for '18

    A good friend of mine just did a week in the BVI's as a captain on a catamaran for a week. Soma has it spot on, there's no reason not to go to the BVI's. 
  14. MangoMan

    Another US Destroyer in a collision with a commercial vessel

    They are about to get some edjumacation to STCW standards much like every other professional mariner in the world.
  15. MangoMan

    Why is DT so secretive?

    Oi, vey !! Thanks Sol, I will have to try to pop in more often. I may be in your neighborhood for most of January attending that sailorizing school. We should have a beer or 10. And a knish.
  16. MangoMan

    Why is DT so secretive?

    Ha!! This made me laugh .... I don't sign on here for MONTHS, and this afternoon I see the topic header for why is DT so secretive .... and I immeduiately had to click, thinking to myself ..... "Thats asshole is still on here stirring up shit ??" He who should not be shamed is right. All you...
  17. MangoMan

    Delivery Skipper Day Rate

    Then its just making sure you dont get run down by a tug and barge. Or trip on the towline between the 2.
  18. MangoMan

    Delivery Skipper Day Rate

    And at Whitehall the East River is now the North River. No part of Jersey touches the East River. So ... the delivery is from Weehawken or thereabouts basically ... where is the end destination? I'll do it for $500 a day, and you will have to fly me to and from Maine.

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