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  1. Catamount

    2014 Newport to Bermuda Race

    Maybe... ;-) It's tough to get away with my new business responsibilities....
  2. Catamount

    2014 Newport to Bermuda Race

    Sounds like fun, Gust. Good luck to the Pen Bay team!
  3. Catamount

    Wholesome raceboats?

    In light of this thread, it will be interesting to see how the next iteration of the Volvo Ocean Race makes out, given that all of the boats are supplied by the race organization -- thus tightly controlling the equipment and (presumably) taking some of the pressures off in the...
  4. Catamount

    Safety Regulation Divide in the Great Lakes - Who do you think is righ

    So what are you saying? It should be cat 4 because the lake doesn't qualify as open water, or maybe cat 2 because when you are half-way across, 33 miles from either shore, you are not protected or close (enough) to the shore? I think one of the problems with the categories is that there are no...
  5. Catamount

    UK Courtesy flag?

    Take with you whatever the official courtesy flag is, and then once you get there buy from the locals whatever they think the appropriate flag is (e.g. "Saltires in Scotland, Welsh flags in Wales and St Piran's crosses in Cornwal").
  6. Catamount

    Grumpy Bob has some fun

    Indeed! Good Job, BJ (&K)
  7. Catamount

    Bad "crusiers"

    Did someone say thread drift?
  8. Catamount

    The "Everest of Sailing".....irritates me to no end

    Agreed. Evans, one thing about the published mountaineering death rates is that they are comparing the number of climbers who died in the attempt only to the number of climbers who successfully reached the summit (and came back down), not to the total number of climbers who started out from base...
  9. Catamount

    The "Everest of Sailing".....irritates me to no end

    Nice to see the death ratio down from 10% to only 3.6% on Everest (and only 1.2% for 2013!) -- which means only 1 person has died in the attempt for every 28 people that made it to the summit (on average). I wonder what the death ratio is for non-stop solo round-the-world sailors, or for...
  10. Catamount

    Safety Regulation Divide in the Great Lakes - Who do you think is righ

    I wonder if maybe we are not looking back far enough in history? Not to say they are an anachronism, but the relative value of flares as an emergency signalling device was probably much higher before the advent of things like portable radios....
  11. Catamount

    Books on Distance Racing?

    I know it's not exactly what the OP was asking for, but I found Gary Jobson's Championship Sailing had a lot of good stuff that's just as applicable to distance racing as to shorter races, and includes a chapter that's specific to distance racing.
  12. Catamount

    Bad "crusiers"

    One of the comments: " sounds like a nautical twist on a family living homeless in their car."
  13. Catamount

    The "Everest of Sailing".....irritates me to no end

    On Everest, on average one climber dies for every ten that make it to the summit and back down again (still). Maybe a better comparison might be that the Newport-Bermuda race is like the Mount Monadnock of sailing....?
  14. Catamount

    The OFFICIAL No.6 vs B.J. Porter Thread

    Ooh, ooh! That sounds like fun! I am going to use a blue poly tarp for my sails. Either that or some tyvek housewrap. I'll be sure to pack plenty of pop-tarts, too.
  15. Catamount

    pre-passage prep check list

    For short-handed crews, the self-steering systems (and everything that supports them) would be at the top of my list. In my limited experience, crew fatigue leading to bad decision making is a major source of problems. Getting wet and cold can be a big contributor to fatigue, so another thing I...
  16. Catamount

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Hodgdon Yachts and Boothbay Region Boatyard set to merge
  17. Catamount

    Lobster Run or Halifax-St. Pierre?

    Hey CL, what-ever you do, have fun!
  18. Catamount

    Boat Suggestions for Offshore Singlehanding

    Budget offshore singlehanded racer/cruiser -- how about a Peterson 34?
  19. Catamount

    Peterson 34

    I did replace my chain plates, but not due to a problem in the way in which they attach to the boat -- that is pretty robust, at least on my boat (and the other Island Yacht one's that I've seen).
  20. Catamount

    Peterson 34

    Hard to imagine chainplate attachment problems from my limited experience (my boat, of course mine was one of the later ones so maybe fixed). I heard the problem with rigs had to do with a lack of compression bars between the spreaders.

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