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  1. steele

    Beneteau 36.7 Mainsheet Harken Block parts

    Have you contacted Harken directly? They have a pretty good reputation as far as customer service. The tool is an impact driver, less than $30 and worth having on hand.
  2. steele

    Recommendations for AM-FM radio

    I keep looking for a mountable am/fm head unit with a bluetooth transciever. This would allow a set up where I don't need to run wire and make more holes in my boat for speakers. Some bluetooth speakers can be set to play in stereo, and have threaded mounts for attaching to rails etc. so can...
  3. steele

    Spreader boots

    This is a nice classic option,
  4. steele

    Ocean Boots for women?

    My wife with size 5.5 US does ok with Sperry boots, they go to size 5,
  5. steele

    "Quote" (Unquote)

    It is generational, guess my age, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." "This one time, at band camp..." "Houston we have a problem" "It's not a toomah!" "I'll be back." "Say hello to my little friend." "You can't handle the truth!"
  6. steele

    NEMA 2000 to Ethernet

    I do not have experience with the ethernet gateway, but I have both their wireless and engine gateways, as well as one other product from them. They have all worked perfectly out of the box and are going strong a few years later. On the one occaison I needed some added info on the engine gatway...
  7. steele

    Wild Times

  8. steele

    Making fiberglass stuff

    If your woodworking skills are good, why not just make teak footrests and be done? Mine are a decade old, have never been subjected to any finish coats, and look good after a scrub with a stiff brusk twice a year.
  9. steele

    Boat Security

    My experience is a bit different using both Wyze and Eufy cameras. They both do a decent job detecting people vs general motion, and will send a notification to my phone within 10 seconds or less . The alert on the phone is sufficient to wake me. I can then start the siren, or speak through the...
  10. steele

    Raw Water Hose 90° Turn

    It is hard to tell from the photo but you might have enough clearance to use a longer hose to create a much larger diameter bend by first running it strait (to the right in the pic), then up and then back (or even forward toward the camera then back). The end result would be a big loop around...
  11. steele

    Dock security systems

    My only experience with routers is for home use. My standard budget home router has no trouble handling 6 cameras, but with an indoor/obstructed range of about 100'. Having said that many marinas have wifi routers that cover much longer distances so they must be available. Another option is to...
  12. steele

    Dock security systems

    Standard home security cameras have person recognition software to avoid false alarms and could be set up on the boats and docks. You will need internet access at the head of the dock with a good router for wifi, but the cameras can be wireless with rechargeable batts so no power needed out on...
  13. steele

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    With the incorrect sail car and headboard set up the luff on the main is distorted and probably can not be tensioned for the conditions. The draft then moves aft, increasing weather helm. This is apparently beyond what the autopilot can handle. It is not clear if the boat could be hand steered...
  14. steele

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Posting because these seem to have a cult following but don't come available very often. Looks a bit rough but savable.
  15. steele

    USCG rescue off Cape Disappointment, Washington - large breaking sea

    The local news states it was one of the rescue swimers first missions, quite an introduction to a career in the Coast Guard. While I understand why the CG has to be non-judgemental about who they rescue, the idea of the young officer risking his life to save a serial criminal who stole a boat...
  16. steele

    Lazy Jacks on a racing mainsail

    This is what I use on my 35' racer/cruiser. I don't need the blocks, SS eyes on the dynema work fine. They are tensioned on small horn cleats on the mast with no covers on the line and no evidence of wear over 10 years. As long as the main is flaked well I don't deploy them leaving the dock or...
  17. steele

    H/111 rudder bearing

    I don't think the ring is important for the function but works as a spacer and offers some protection for the lower bearing. It is not too hard to imagine something like monofilament line getting wrapped on the shaft and moving up into the bearing and causing havoc. The diver who changes my...
  18. steele

    H/111 rudder bearing

    I suspect there should be a trim ring. This is my 109 rudder just after removal, the ring stuck to the shaft.
  19. steele

    New Beneteau First 36

    I think the fridge in the center is ok, it allows the use of the fill in board to add counter space when using the galley. Most boats like this have no space for food prep so it is a reasonable solution that also allows movement forward on either side under sail. I do think the wood fiddle on...
  20. steele

    Craigslist finds- Tragedy edition

    I was thinking about valuable possessions that end up decomposing somewhere and they have some similar attributes. RVs, boats, and luxury cars all rapidly lose value as the cost of ownership goes way up. You start in a honeymoon period with reliable new parts, warrantees, and a desire to keep...