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  1. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    Lots of West Michigan Boats up at Ugotta Regatta this weekend! Not counting the Northern Michigan boats, we have: Variance Shorthanded Utah Bad Dog Mas Tiempo Sufficient Reason Usual Suspects Heartbreaker Windquest Weather is supposed to be awesome...Sail Fast and have fun! Hroth
  2. hrothgar

    Looking for a J/111 J4 or J3.4

    I might. PM me and I'll check with my sail maker who is storing all of my old sails. Hroth
  3. hrothgar

    Bieker rudder on a J/111?

    Cool rudder.  How would that impact your ability to compete in a one-design regatta?  Like a Worlds or a Nationals?  Is this allowed by the class rules?   Maybe not a concern for you.  Just curious.  Here in the Midwest we have a decent one-design fleet and I would suspect there would be some...
  4. hrothgar

    Mask Mandates on Airplanes

    Of course, the lowest rates are in Detroit which is heavily Democratic and essentially elected Whitmer to office...not surprising that Democratic voters are dragging things down. Hroth
  5. hrothgar

    Mask Mandates on Airplanes

    Wow...seems odd to equate school shootings with lack of masks on airplanes...or are you just being a douche? Hroth
  6. hrothgar

    Mask Mandates on Airplanes

    Just returned from a business trip to Spain.  Sure was nice not having to mask for the trip.  Spain is WIDE OPEN.  No test needed for entry, just vaccination verification which you upload ahead of time to get a QR code.  A few cabbies asked me to wear a mask which was fine but no masks anywhere...
  7. hrothgar

    Grand Rapids cop who shot Patrick Lyoya identified on social media ...

    You'll need to read down in this article but it talks about the Patrick Lyoya's jaded history with the law...smear campaign? Hroth
  8. hrothgar

    Mask Mandates on Airplanes

    Mask mandate was extended to April 18.  Not sure what will change much in a month.  Maybe they want to cover all the spring breakers travelling around in late March/early April. sigh..... Hroth
  9. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    Very cool!  We'll check it out when we get back from the BVIs in April. Hroth
  10. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    I see you have a new boat...any cool pics? Hrothgar
  11. hrothgar

    Mask Mandates on Airplanes

    The TSA Mask Mandate is due to expire on March 18.  With cases dropping and states loosening restrictions, does the collective genius of this forum think the mandates will expire or be extended? In full disclosure, I fly to the BVIs on March 19.  Personally I hope the mandates expire. Hroth
  12. hrothgar

    Voting Rights Bill?

    I think this whole issue fundamentally comes down to whether you are a proponent of big Federal government or if you would prefer more power to the states.  Personally I favor more control by the states (as does the Constitution BTW but let's not quibble).  I guess I have never understood why...
  13. hrothgar

    Voting Rights- Biden seems to be finally getting Mad

    Stop!  You're exposing liberal hypocrisy! Hroth
  14. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    Yep.  I went to renew my cert yesterday and saw the change.  The website is working as is the Pay Pal linkage.  I received a message that I am in the queue and once the handicappers review my info they will issue a new cert. Hroth
  15. hrothgar

    BVI Sailing

    Thanks Norm.  We used Boaty Ball last time in 2019 and it worked well. Hroth
  16. hrothgar

    BVI Sailing

    Bumping this thread up...less than 90 days til we head down to the BVI.  Any recent info?  I am aware of COVID protocols.  We are flying straight to Beef Island so no ferry issues.  Just curious about other goings on! Hroth
  17. hrothgar

    Manchin is not a fan of his constituents

    Seems that Manchin is not the only one in Congress that might have a potential issue with a final bill....just saying.... Reeling liberals ready to ditch Manchin as rest of Dems hope for a deal ( If Manchin does recommit to negotiations, House Democratic leaders must still navigate a...
  18. hrothgar

    Manchin is not a fan of his constituents

    I love conspiracy theories! Hroth
  19. hrothgar


    I for one don't think not supporting BBB is a bad thing.  I don't really see how we can afford spend trillions that we don't have and can't afford.  Promises that BBB would be 'paid for' were ludicrous.  An interesting take from Politico: Manchin didn’t just shiv Biden’s agenda, he whacked his...
  20. hrothgar

    Pelosi is flat wrong and this problem must be fixed

    I used to work for a public accounting firm where, once you made manager, you had to divest yourself of any stock from a company that the firm audited.  This applied to spouses as well I believe.  The implication of this was clear and necessary to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Seems...

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