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    West Michigan Thread

    I had quite a chuckle reading this after tearing off all the destroyed deck hardware today.  We banged it out right into the stainless recycling.  Here’s to rejoining someday.
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    N2E 2016

    So I hear... And yes, of course food... Can't get much further away than Michigan.
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    N2E 2016

    I'm in for the first time. This Michigander, Lake Michigan sailor can't wait to finally get some ocean racing in.
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    VOR 2014-15 Leg 4 Sanya-Auckland

    I know I'm behind but congrats to the commenters here for getting VOR live updates!
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    VOR 2014-15 Leg 4 Sanya-Auckland

    As a lurker I just wanted to say thanks for the updates everyone, since VOR is awol with the tracker. Exciting finish.
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    What's that mean? What's that mean? What's that mean?

    I was going to post the same, good catch. That made me chuckle after the complaining about the other boat being confused. Proof read a good rant please... wait don't. ;)
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    Great Lakes levels 2013

    Ask and you shall receive... This water is coming downstream all across the Michigan/Huron watershed and the snow hasn't melted up north, help is on the way.
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    Frickin' "A"on the Alleged Front Page

    I agree, nice. Took to the forums to read all about it...
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    Great Lakes levels 2013

    The snowpack up north has not melted. Hopefully it will help a bit when it does.
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    PHRF Boat that has 5'10" Headroom and under $10k

    +1... it sails to its rating and our racing sail set costs more than the boat :)
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    How NOT to anchor your sailboat in a hurricane

    Hell of a sturdy boat... and some nice sail trim :)
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    Got Forked, from front page

    Should be a nice used jib and dodger on the market soon.
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    Killed in Afghanistan...

    Since I don't have a boat in the water this year a flag flies in front of my house every day for these soldiers. My family will never forget.
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    West Michigan Thread

    It actually made it out in that weather?... Good for them.
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    Sailing on TV?

    I agree... ouch. At least it looks like the America's Cup World Series will make another appearance on NBC, August 26th.
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    Sucks for motor boaters that incidents like this make gas prices jump 15 cents overnight... I picked the correct hobby.
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    NY Times: Drop sailing from the Olympics:

    This guy has obviously never sailed. We always need crew on our old boat, Mr. Jones is welcome anytime. Its free, just show up!
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    Infinity 36 DSS flying!

    Very cool, new ideas for sailing is always good. This is going to need plenty of mark room while racing =)
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    Queen's Cup Anarchy

    170 registered boats so far by my count, not bad. I will be at the finish in SH, hope to get a glimpse of Il Mostro!