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  1. Takk2

    Canadian barn find

    I'd like to know what the 10 cars are that they keep.
  2. Takk2

    Music for sailing Video's

    Buckeye Rooster
  3. Takk2

    artistic opinion for our cd cover

    Look good, but I would make the white graphics an off white or parchment shade Takk
  4. Takk2

    in 16 years of teaching I never....

    How could a contract be so one sided, and during the interview process wouldn't the other contracts show up in job references? Or is it just no one cares, the "it's not my money" syndrome
  5. Takk2

    So before you throw away that Turkey Carcass...

    OTH that sound real good, I'm going to try that this Xmas. This is what I do with the leftover Turkey, kind of like Pulled Pork sandwich. I like to add some garlic, maybe a little hot sauce Turkey Burgers 2 1/2 cups leftover turkey 2 1/2 cups Sauce Serves 8 Sauce 1 cup Minced Onion 2...
  6. Takk2

    the day we all feared... Left Hook is 21....

    Ya made it! we're all so proud !
  7. Takk2

    Happy Fday.

    Or Coned
  8. Takk2

    Making Smoked Salmon

    Did you do the stepped temperature smoking process start off very low temp and increase a little every hour or so. sounds like the temp was to high to early
  9. Takk2

    Home Theater Stereo Anarchy

    Looks like a great set-up, See if you can find a Super Audio recording of your favourite album or live performance, you will be so impressed!
  10. Takk2

    Home Theater Stereo Anarchy

    No highs no lows it must be Bose A home theater system and a music system are two different animals, the HT must have 5 identical speaker (the same tweeters at the very least)to get movement front to back, side to side seamless. Music you need a pair of quality speakers placed correctly to...
  11. Takk2

    Really, you 've got to be kidding me!?

    What is in the water down there?
  12. Takk2


    Made it, Thanks that as a lot of fun You crossed the finish line Date finish : 2013-02-03 17:15:28 Total : 2d 22h 15' 28''
  13. Takk2


    Hey DaveK turn on your surface pressure and make sure you stay below the line of the next cell, I've been stuck in it all day dropped 10 spots wind speed up here is about 10n max boat speed I saw all day is 16K
  14. Takk2


    Evo-TraingWheela was my practice boat, system didn't remove it, just tried again, Evo_TraingWheels is my race boat
  15. Takk2


    Brian, that TrainingWheels is my retired practice boat that will not go away, I am really back in 24th and gaining
  16. Takk2


    BG, I don't see you in the list, check the 123 button at the bottom of the page
  17. Takk2


    Finally started
  18. Takk2


    Power out last night , internet just back now, so what am I back 6hrs
  19. Takk2


    Evo_TrainingWheels Getemout-------------- Takk2
  20. Takk2


    I'm in. May need some kind of tutorial no poodles? I have a Husky

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