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    B&G Zeus S

    I see B&G just announced a new Zeus S series of chart plotters. It appears to be something between the Vulcan and Zeus 3S series with a touch screen only interface. The processing & interface capability specifics information on line is non-existent. The B&G tag line for this series is...
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    Firefly carbon foam batteries DTS?

    I've been evaluating the same. It would be tight with 4 Kilovault 100Ah batteries. There's plenty of room to double-deck them in there, but that's not optimal. I'm thinking of a smaller bank than you are. Here's a potential layout of the 4 Kilovault batteries (to scale for my locker dimensions)...
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    Firefly carbon foam batteries DTS?

    Alex, you might consider moving your batteries to the locker behind the engine compartment if you don't need all that space... or haven't already re-purposed it. I'm seriously considering moving my batteries there. It's much closer to the engine and the electrical panel, stays relatively cool...
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    Sail Shackle Types?

    I have the same Antal main headboard and use this shackle. I have no idea what it is... It came with the boat. I like it. It's been secure and can be attached and removed quickly with one hand. My crew may feel differently as it's a bit fiddly to use until you get used to it.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    Yes, that's similar to the quote I got. The repair can (and will) be done with the track in place. If I could find a couple of days to work on it it would already be done by now. I'm in So Cal.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    PowerPoint... not really the right tool. After decades of generating almost daily presentations at work, you can get pretty quick creating cartoonish graphics with this blunt tool.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    Thanks to all for the replies. After spending some time today at the boat, I'm confident an effective repair of the ding can be completed without removing the damn track. The ding is small and has no structural implications whatsoever. It would certainly have been easier with the track out of...
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    Yes, I've drilled out S/S fasteners before. Most have gone fine... but after getting a quote for replacement track, a failure here would be quite costly. I'd have 14 opportunities to screw it up.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    I may try the impact wrench again with heavy vinegar before using the halyard lift approach. I tried previously after penetrating oil without success.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    I am liking this approach. The only good halyard lead to the track is the main halyard (it's the aft port-side track). I guess I could bridle 4 cars off that using blocks to balance the load. I will take definitely take it very slowly as I could easily overdo it with a winch.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    I like the idea. There's only about 1 thread visible beyond the current nut when fully torqued. I'll see what I can find with thinner nuts... they would have to be pretty darn thin though.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    I'm attempting to remove a T-track toe-rail section to repair a small ding near the hull to deck joint of an Express 37, and so far the track is winning. 35 years of galvanic corrosion has bonded the stainless bolts to the aluminum track and the track appears very well bonded to the deck. I went...
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    Genoa Size Matters

    I had a SC27 awhile back that came with a 176% deck sweeper genoa that sheeted to an car on a track aft of the primaries. The sail was dated 1979 and made of very light crispy dacron. I had a sailmaker raise the clew (shortening the leach) until the LP was 155% to be able to race with it without...
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    Boat design, selection and setup for the rest of us

    Long ago I was told by an accomplished singlehanded sailor: "Buy a boat you can sail closest to its potential for the duration of the races you plan to enter". Much of the advice in your post plays into that, but also things like how forgiving the boat design is to minor lapses of...
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    Running Backstays - Cool or PITA

    Mine (runners & checks) on a 38ft can be a PITA. The level of pain depends on the rig. The most painful are rigs that need the runners to keep the mast upright... Thankfully, I don't have one of those. On my boat (fractional carbon mast, inline spreaders, masthead spin, masthead...
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    Improving engine control panel cover

    For a top hinge this one has worked for me and keeps water from dripping down into the recess from above. While it's supposed to be good for outdoors/UV, I've had to replace the hinge once after two years of fairly consistent sun exposure. Some water can still get into the recess when firehosed...
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    Cancelling & getting a new TIP for Mexico

    I had a similar problem 3 years ago as I was preparing for the N2E race. As stated above, the previous owner must cancel the TIP before you can apply. The previous owner of my boat had lost his TIP. We were told this had to be dealt with by the PO in Mexico (not at a consulate). So, I brought...
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    Teak - Finish or Let It Grey?

    I've recently gone down the Semco path on the handrails and toerails. The boat came with worn & delaminating cetol. I have no desire to keep up with varnish maintenance... been there, done that. I'd rather go sailing. I debated letting it go natural, sealer or paint. After painstakingly...
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    Buy or not to buy a 40ft sail boat - where to keep it?

    As Longy said, there are really no viable anchorages in SoCal for what you want to do. The cheapest slips I know of in So Cal are in the Wilmington area of the inner LA Harbor.  It's pretty industrial around there, but felt safe when I visited a friends boat. It just takes awhile to get to open...
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    Semco teak sealer color

    I used Semco natural on the handrails and toerail and it came out good enough for me.  I chose natural over clear for the additional UV protection. The rails were previously coated in Cetol which had deteriorated and disintegrated through the years prior to my purchasing her.  I don't...

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