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    2013 we made it from San Clemente Island to the weeds off Pt Loma in 4 hours on Varuna, spent an hour and a half trying to get out and lost by 51 minutes. No upwind work, you must be thinking of another year...
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    made by American politicians with your tax dollars for the better good. Sorry vvv, had to finish your sentence...
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    Chicago Mac 2022

    A J120 winning is not unheard of. When the crew list includes Wally Cross, i would expect nothing less. Ropetrick knows...
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    PV Race- 2022 Edition.

    Great race Tom...  Isn't that an old Varuna..?
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    Random PicThread

    I think thats the battery on his left ear.
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    It's over...

    My mom lived in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach from 92-19.  And it blew me away.  Like buying property in socal in the 40's and 50's.  Their property taxes are low because insurance isn't.  I still look for property there...
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    Random PicThread

    They enclosed the underside of the house.  Mark Bower, famous fireproof architect, and a coworker of mine for 15 years.
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    S2 7.9 - Exploding Daggerboard!

    I love the S2 boats, hope you get 'er back together..!
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    S2 7.9 - Exploding Daggerboard!

    ...and John..?  is that you..?
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    Exit from Afghanistan

    Didn't you see this coming..!
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    An honest assessment of our nation right now

    So, we strap and devalue the Afghan currency, like we've done historically, to only buy up their currency as a bailout, only to sell later making US gazillions of dollars.  This time, China gets to buy their currency, not US. Picasso sold for US$28 million last month. Hunter sold US$1.5...
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    18 Years of Lies About Afghanistan

    I struggle with the 20 year number.  In 1980, we hired a group of rebels in the mountains of Afghanistan to fight off the Russians.  There was a famous lawsuit in 1987 against a us military officer.  All of this longer than 20 years ago... Mujahideen in Afghanistan After leaving college in...
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    Transpac 2021

    YB says broken rudder
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    Transpac 2021

    I wish..! Quickest Transpac E V E R
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    Transpac 2021

    weeks..?  try months, more than 12... overboned