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    Looking to divise an inhauler system for my J97e. Suggestions?
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    Jib trim on J/95

    Ditto. I tried a Code 0 on a furler on my J97 and off the wind it’s turbo charged our post. Consistently sailing at almost 95% of TWS.
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    Corpus Christi Surveyor

    Thanks. He’s scheduled. 
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    Transport: TX to MI

    Looking for sailboat hauler to transport my 32’ boat from TX to MI. Recommendations? Thanks. 
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    Corpus Christi Surveyor

    Looking for a Corpus Christ area surveyor for a J Boat. Recommendations. Thanks.
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    Pettit Vivid

    I'm looking at a boat which has Pettit VIvid White on its bottom.  In fresh water, how often should I reapply and what is the reapplication process?
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    J97 Tuning Hints

    Still looking. 
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    Chicago Area Surveyor

    Looking for a recommended Chicago area surveyor for 20 yr old J boat.
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    Total Boat Non-Skid

    I’ve used the Total Boat liquid non skid and it’s FABULOUS! First masked off the non skid followed by 2 coats over a dimpled surface that was worthless. Crew could not believe the difference. Best of all it was easy to apply and did not appear to diminish over the season. 
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    Tartan 101

    I wasn't able to find much info in the forums about the Tartan 101 and would appreciate comments from those with first hand experience with the T101.  Does it sail to it's numbers? Upwind performance? Downwind performance? Pluses and minuses? Construction? Best sail configuration? Etc. Thanks all.
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    J97 Tuning Hints

    Actively looking for a J97e. 
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    Corpus Christi Surveyor Wanted

    Looking for an experienced, exacting sailboat surveyor in the Corpus Christi area. Thanks.
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    Smallest boat for somewhat comfy racing-cruising

    Andrew’s 28 does it all. 
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    Paint for inflatable dinghy floor boards

    Suggest Total Tread. It’s a non skid paint. Very easy to apply. A pint would probably be all you would need. Very easy on bare feet yet non skid. 
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    Nonskid for foredeck

    I ended up using Total Tread by Total Boat. It's excellent and I recommend it highly.  Taping was the most work.  The non-skid particles are suspended in the paint so very little stirring required.  Application is EASY. I put 2 coats on and my crew marvels at the difference.  Applied directly...
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    installing Treadmaster the Anarchy way

    Total Tread from Jamestown Distributors is a non-skid paint that looks promising. Can be installed, they tell me, directly over existing molded in non-skid.  Just scuff it up.
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    Non-skid repair

    The non-skid on my Andrews 28 is much too slippery. I have 2 ways to repair it: non-skid paint vs self adhesive non-skid product (eg SeaDek). Total Tread is a new non-skid paint made by Total Boat and offered through Jamestown Distributors. They tell me that it can be applied directly over my...
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    installing Treadmaster the Anarchy way

    I installed SeaDek with PSA over the molded in dimpled nonskid in my cockpit. Just overlapped the nonskid by ¼” for extra adhesion and it worked perfectly. 
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    Nonskid for foredeck

    Never intended my earlier response to be "snitty." Sorry guys. In response to Zonker, she's an Andrews 28, only 4 built, that sat on a lift, outside, in Annapolis for nearly 10 years with no real care given to the deck and only a boom tent. I had some sheets of SeaDec which I used in the...
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    Nonskid for foredeck

    You are both wrong.  I've wiped the non-skid down with acetone to remove any contaminates. No effect. And it's a 2010 (not a 1980 model). Any other suggestions.  Harken tells me that their new non-skid tape will go over that type of surface and adhere. We'll see.

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