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    15 Moments That Shaped The Internet

    The left out Sept 1993, "The flood" when the gates were opened to the unwashed.  'Tis a different world.
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    Random PicThread

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    Prada Cup

    36 days?
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    Prada Cup

    What timezone?  is that Auckland time?
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    Prada Cup

    You'd think they would give the start times somewhere, in SOME time zone.  I guess, the start is a truth in need of a bodyguard of obfuscation, if not actually one of lies.  Wouldn't any sane person post the times prominently on the web site? Maybe it's hiding behind all the gay dancing baloney.
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    Prada Cup

    I guess they lied: " Every Match and race of the 36th America’s Cup presented by PRADA will be streamed live on Youtube, Facebook and in almost every country around the world. The event official website will provide all the live content including onboard camera footage, Virtual...
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    Motorbikes you dream owning someday anarchy

    It's Richard's fault.
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    More infrastructure fuckery.

    1. Nothing 2. at's about right.
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    Electronic Pulse, EMP Weapons

    Well, as reentry trajectory prediction goes, that it ain't much.  Perhaps it was in the 60s.  It'll take a lot of delta-V to get anywhere significantly cross-track.  Hypersonic boost-glide is an order of magnitude more flexible.    There's been a lot of work on Hypersonics in the "land of bad...
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    Covid Quarantine Binge Watching ??

    Embedded in a pretty good series is the best Christmas show I've seen this year.  End of season 2 of James May's Man Lab. Included: Christmas tree felling by pyrotechnics, decorating by mortar and how to make snow.
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    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy No more.

    Nice quote from William Boyd in The Guardian:  "... you, the reader, were expected to pay attention. Only that way could you participate in the slow and tortuous decryption of what was going to be revealed as the narrative unspooled. The concentrated act of reading became an almost physical...
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    Random PicThread

    Bummer!  I drove out to Chino to poke around it in the hangar some years ago. I still can't make the weight square with any structural estimates on that one. The Smithsonian did dig their N-1M out of storage and put it on display when they opened the new museum at the airport. I do hope...
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    Random PicThread

    " previously-unknown fissure " ... snort!  That whole damned place is nothing but fissure.  The geology is very in-your-face.
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    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy No more.

    What was that about a squash racket?
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    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy No more.

    He wrote books you could read twice, back to back, and enjoy the second pass as much as the first.  And then enjoy yet again years later.  They stand up well, have great depth.
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    Random PicThread

    Better tighten Better tighten that chinstrap.
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    Do the same cleats shoes work for both bikes?
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    My tomb

    "ashes loaded into a cannon and fired towards Poland."  I don't want to be a martyr.
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    Mindless movies

    "But I can't be anal retentive ..."