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  1. Sebyseb

    35 footer vs 40 footer…

    For racing, I always found smaller is the better: less crew intensive, cheaper to run, to maintain and not too dangerous when the shit hits the fan. A Sunfast 3300 is faster and funnier than a Sunfast 3600 which is faster than a First 40, on almost all points of sails, Get a 33 feet JPK1010...
  2. Sebyseb

    Hey Bob, This is Seb, I am working with the Golden Globe Race and of course we have a Perry...

    Hey Bob, This is Seb, I am working with the Golden Globe Race and of course we have a Perry design which is doing well! I'm thinking of doing a piece on architecture comparing the Tashiba, Cape George, Saga, Rustler and Gaia 36 based on discussions with architects. Would you be interested? My...
  3. Sebyseb

    Swede 55

    Anyone here would know of a Swedde 55 or WASA 55 on the market in Europe?
  4. Sebyseb

    OneSails drama.......

    This is sad, having bought many excellent sails over the years from Jan Reuvers, both with Quantum and Ullman. Not only were they competitively priced, they were delivered on time, and had the best price, performance, durability ratio I've ever seen. Not sure what happened there, but Jan is a...
  5. Sebyseb

    Transat Jacques Vabre 2021

    The Class 40 are seeing the wrath of the tide (Coeff 107) at the Raz de Barfleur, with the locals going from 12th to 3rd in no time. Not a place where you would normally want to play around the rocks with a leeshore on your first night...
  6. Sebyseb

    A 31

    Not competitive under IRC against the likes of JPK or Sunfast but it is a nice boat for solo and DH, small, light, well-behaved and nimble. Absolute weapon in light winds. You could cruise her if you like camping but this is not her program. Anchor, 6-10m chain the rest in textile in a bucket...
  7. Sebyseb

    First Globe 5.80 ocean race is underway...

    1 central rudder and 2 stabilisers, some entrants did not mount them, we'll know more in Lanzarote, and a lot more in Antigua.
  8. Sebyseb

    Transquadra 2021

    Yes, IRC'd Figaro 2 are doing very well in the TSQ, as did the previous winner, a tricked-out Bepox 990, both notoriously planning quicker than the usual IRC DH allrounders. They are not (at all) competitive in the Fasnet or its qualifiers who have a lot more upwind legs, and apart from the...
  9. Sebyseb

    Transquadra 2021

    I think it's called a J/11S
  10. Sebyseb

    Why SF3600 was faster than SF3300 in RORC2021

    Interestingly, it's a Sunfast 3600 still ahead of the fastest 3300 in the first leg of the Transquadra from Lorient to Madeira, but it's been light and upwind so far.
  11. Sebyseb

    Transquadra 2021

    It's probably because Sunfasts and JPK's are specifically designed for this race!
  12. Sebyseb

    ORC boats & personality traits of the gifted

    Copa del Rey can tell you a thing or two.
  13. Sebyseb

    Fastnet 2021

    It's not over till the fat lady sings and I may be am biaised, but if anyone can pull a trick in the area it's Alexis Loison on Léon. Not only is he from Cherbourg and this is his backyard,  he also is a Figaro sailor who escaped the fleet in the Alderney race and won by a huge margin. Edit...
  14. Sebyseb

    J/105 vs. Sunfast 3200

    A successful SORC 3200 owner (Fluke?) went through the same process, and thought it would be a good idea to use the proceeds of his SF3200 sale to buy and refit a J/105 for the same program. It turned out to be a bad idea both in terms of budget and competitiveness. Two nice boats but not from...
  15. Sebyseb

    In Case You Haven't Seen It...

    It is, most of the French 99 are set-up with a sym.
  16. Sebyseb

    Fastnet 2021 finish in Cherbourg? Zoot alors! What must the RORC be thinking

    CH-Cowes is a 10-12 hours crossing Northbound with 2 full lateral tides, meaning you don't have to compensate and pick your way into the Solent. Le Havre or St Malo are a whole different story.
  17. Sebyseb

    Somewhat fast boats with standing headroom

    SF3200 can be found fof 80k, Sunfast 32 @ 35K
  18. Sebyseb

    Vendee Globe 2020

    On her way to becoming the fastest lass around the world. Way to go Clacla!
  19. Sebyseb

    Fastnet 2021 finish in Cherbourg? Zoot alors! What must the RORC be thinking

    Actually, if home is the Solent, Cherbourg is a lot closer than Plymouth and has a neutral tide!
  20. Sebyseb

    Somewhat fast boats with standing headroom

    I am 182 cms and do not have standing headroom in the J/99 or sitting headroom at the chart table, which was slightly disturbing. The best IRC short-handed 30ish footer is hands down the JPK 1010, it's fast, well-thought, has plenty of headroom and comfort features.