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    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    Do you think these various authorities going after Trump share conference calls about who goes first? Would you go from smallest (Stormy) to biggest (Smith) or east to west? Does no one want to go first and take all the shit that follows?
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    China - Business Or Security?

    I think this is an excellent and important article. I think we in the West talk about China in terms of it being one monolith. The critical roles played by provincial and local governments are ignored. From what I hear the finances of these governments were devastated by COVID both in terms of...
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    I have been thinking some more about why China has little, if any, interest in providing materiel support to Russia. I think the conflicts in the Russian Far East (and Chinese North) and the massive loss of face for China mean that China really wants to regain its territory north of the Amur and...
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    The Covenant School

    Dumb, but not surprising. considering the source. The purpose of a bottle of Cab. or a six-pack is to to kill.
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    The Covenant School

    What does this have to do with my. question.
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    The Covenant School

    Serious question - is there a mass shooting bad enough that you would think serious firearm restrictions a good thing?
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    EV car thread?

    The greenweenies won the last battle so air quality has improved a lot. Check out Beijing air 20 years ago and now. The GWs have moved on to the next battle - carbon emissions. You seem to have difficulty understanding this, but then you generally have difficulty understanding most things.
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Guess you haven't seen those Mamie Eisenhower ones then.
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    I could live there ... or not ...

    The vast majority of the houses and other buildings are still white, light gray or light beige. If I lived there my house would be some dramatic colour for sure. Perhaps the long, dark days of winter have led to an odd sense of humour. The 'Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat' is in a prominent...
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    The two existential crises of the 21st century

    That is a little simplistic to be sure. The obvious answer is to build another wave pool or three or ten and with the typical Chinese focus to make a buck yuan that likely. happened pretty quickly after the demand became apparent. To look more broadly, traditionally thinking about population...
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    The book I mentioned talked about 10,000 to 13,000 including people who were brought from other towns and then forced into the river. No one will ever know the actual number. I may have misremembered the year, but this is the event.
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    The two existential crises of the 21st century

    I don't think you understand either Malthus or what this thread is all about. Malthus thought that population control was impossible ... "The superior power of population cannot be checked without producing misery or vice." What is happening now is that population is being controlled and it...
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Back to the China-Russia relationship for a bit. I have always thought that the possibility of China providing any meaningful aid to Russia was remote. China is definitely not in the charity business, it is all about what is best for #1. A book I have recently read reinforces my thoughts. It was...
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    I could live there ... or not ...

    So get a boat and go. On our rtw we visited about 40 countries (do French Polynesia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and St Martin count as one (France) or multiple?). The neat thing going by boat is that you are a traveller and not a tourist. You need to learn about local shopping, how the buses work...
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    A big project!

    Always fun to compare something very close to best practices on the Tally Ho build to those of S/V Seeker considering both rely on crowd-sourced funding.
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    The two existential crises of the 21st century

    I should have made the point that a declining population is a good thing. The problem is how do we deal with the transition. The demographic transition model as it was taught for decades (I know I did it) was that birth rate and death rate would stabilize at a low, but pretty much equal rate...
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    The two existential crises of the 21st century

    Time for a serious chat denizens. Seems to see that there are two existential crises that the world faces in the next decades - note I say decades, not years, both of these will be critical for the remaining years of those reading this. Climate - This has been thrashed around for years. We...
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    I could live there ... or not ...

    When I travel, which I do a lot, I always find myself wondering whether I could/would want to live in the place being visited. Using this approach I have already decided where I will live in a future life. As a result New Zealand is high on the list, Barcelona, and of course there is Paris. Just...
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    2000 Versions

    Had a friend who was a Biblical scholar and had read the Bible (OT and NT) in the original languages - Hebrew, Aramaic and old Greek. He says it is laughable to compare that to any of the modern versions - modern starting with King James in the 17th century.
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    A Canadian snowbird would like an answer.

    It seems odd to me. In this regard there are first-class American citizens and second-class American citizens. Seems to me that any American citizen should be eligible to be the big cheese. Canada has had four PMs born outside the country from Sir John A to John Turner. Maybe we decided to kick...

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