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  1. J_Grove

    Suzanne Heywood and her Epically Misguided 70's Cruising Parents

    For awhile now I've lamented my 3 kids (10, 12, 14) lack of enthusiasm for the idea of taking a year off to cruise. I'm used to pushing them into things and having them thank me later (usually) but this would be a whole different level. As it is, they just sort of tolerate our days on the water...
  2. J_Grove

    Convince Me To Buy A Chartplotter!

    If you're thinking about buying a Garmin chart plotter, read this first
  3. J_Grove

    bug/error in bearing to waypoint for new Garmin chart plotters

    Last year I bought a Garmin Echomap UHD 94sv chart plotter. The Echomap is a step down from the GpsMap model more commonly used by sailors, but I liked the fact that it still had plenty of resolution in a 9" screen, is detachable from it's mount to foil ever-present Miami thieves, draws less...
  4. J_Grove

    Mighty Merloe

    30+ years on the internet and you'd think I'd figure out that sarcasm doesn't read well. According to what I've learned on SA, I'm supposed to be using purple font. Anyway, I was trying to make the observation that a poster with an anonymous handle gets called a moron and a poster named Ronnie...
  5. J_Grove

    Mighty Merloe

    Of course. Just an interesting choice of ridicule to label a multi-year sailor with real experience with the subject at hand as nothing better than one of Doug's minions who has made their first visit to SA straight from the Seeker Facebook page in order to defend his honor. Makes it seem like...
  6. J_Grove

    Mighty Merloe

    Mr. Clean two weeks ago, to a poster than joined SA in 2014, and has actually met CDL ... Today, seeming to refer to the same poster ... I've learned a lot and been entertained by this forum, but it never fails to amaze me how quickly someone here who expresses a different POV can be...
  7. J_Grove

    Design the ultimate Frankenboat-1) for Speed in water; 2) for comfort; 3) how fast to get done

    Your boat looks beautiful, and now that it appears to have made it through the storm, I have a question for you. Why did you launch it right before a huge cyclone? Not trying to be snarky ... were you thinking it had a better chance of survival on a mooring rather than in your shop, or your yard...
  8. J_Grove

    Why is it getting so hard to get insurance (at least for a multihull)???

    I used to be with Geico on my F27 but their rate hikes made it clear they no longer wanted my business in spite of 30+ years of auto with them without event. I am with State Farm now for boat only. Paying about what I paid with Geico 3 years ago.
  9. J_Grove

    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    I wouldn't say that F27s have a reputation for not holding together - if anything they have a reputation as one of the more overbuilt Corsairs. Over 400 were produced and I only know of two cases from the forums (could have been more) where a beam failed without warning while sailing in ocean...
  10. J_Grove

    Log collisions with fast trimarans

    No personal experience, but seems obvious to ask if you plan to do much sailing at night? Single-handing?
  11. J_Grove

    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    As a Corsair owner, my number two worry about doing an open ocean race in gnarly PNW conditions, after the inexperience of the skipper, would be that my vintage 1990 F-27 beams are now in the third cycle of the 15 year warranty period listed in the original brochure. I keep up with "beam...
  12. J_Grove

    Best Recreational Beach Cat?

    Message received. Shame the cracks on these two boats are in the exact same place, so no switching hulls to make one cracked boat and one uncracked boat.
  13. J_Grove

    Best Recreational Beach Cat?

    Good luck to you and son MH. Thanks for reminder to check comp tip MT. Will have to lower mast to have a real inspection (if it comes that far) these for sale rental boat are still sitting mast up on the beach. Two different boats for sale, two different cracks, both on port side hull just...
  14. J_Grove

    Best Recreational Beach Cat?

    I've been on the CABB email list for years and follow along on FB as well. Sailing Corsairs with the family has occupied my time so never made it out for a CABB event. Would be fun to get a beach cat off the list and get smoked few times in CABB races - sure I'd learn something ... when is your...
  15. J_Grove

    Best Recreational Beach Cat?

    Would like to get your thoughts on buying a used rental Getaway. Local rental fleet got some new Getaways recently and are selling two of their 2014 boats. I've rented from this concession over the years - generally seem to take care of the boats, including replacing the sails and tramps which...
  16. J_Grove

    Corsair folded stability

    You don't need as big a vehicle if you are storing mast up and just hauling the boat a few feet from parking spot to boat ramp. We use our Honda Odyssey minivan (~3000 lb tow cap.) to launch our F27 which is well over 4000 lbs w/ boat, trailer, and gear. Truck rental required for the once in a...
  17. J_Grove

    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    My local rigger is showing them in stock. I believe they ship. I'm looking at the receipt for ones I bought for my F27 mast and it says Retaining Plug for “T” Terminal: 5/16“ - 3/8” / 8mm - 10mm
  18. J_Grove

    Best Recreational Beach Cat?

    Another vote for the Hobie Getaway. The seating is more comfortable than most beachcats which is nice for those guests that are never in a million years going to attempt a trapeze/harness. Still fast enough to put a grin on your face. In the summer we rent one occasionally and I let the kids do...
  19. J_Grove

    A trimaran daysailer for aging boomers

    Why do you want to live in Boynton Beach? Too far north for the best sailing, too far south for the best surf and beaches! But I assume you have your reasons. I sail Biscayne Bay out of Black Point Marina in Homestead. Bay sailing is great all over but while the north part of the bay has all...
  20. J_Grove

    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    That cannot be right. Snatch it up if it is though, and see what happens when it goes to the underwriters. State Farm quoted me significantly less than Geico for my F27 ($1200 vs $3K), so I switched. I got the binder, and off it went for underwriting. A couple of weeks later it came back from...