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    Racing in Alabama

    Don't have a boat at this time. I've raced mainly on 30' - 50'ers. Raced last 5 years on a Farr 40. Looking for One Design classes but I'm not resistent to racing phrf if that's all there is. I'll be living in Gulf Shores. Thanks for the info.
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    Racing in Alabama

    Moving to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Anyone know what are the hot clubs or racing fleets in the area? Pensacola, Mobile?
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    Olson 30 North Americans

    The survey is already closed. How do we get information or leave comments now?
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    Farr 40 - Morrigan

    Victrix - (Morrigan) Took a 3rd in 2008 NOOD, 3rd in 2008 BYC Mac and a 3rd in the IRC Nationals in Harbor Springs. Sails are in decent shape. New in 2008, masthead spinnaker and fractional code 0. Boat is in great shape with no apparent problems. Bottom in good shape. Boat has been kept...
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    Cleveland Race Week June 21 – 29

    Not true. The one from Detroit that replaced the Concordia 47 (Victrix) is not planning on going.
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    On-The-Water Anarchy - Race Track Monday

    Division 1 - Farr 40, Melges 32, M 30 Reporter: Susan Burside 1230H: Melges 32 : all racing has been abandoned for today.
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    Down To The Wire

    Heartbreaker has won Race #8 by 39sec (12:53pm) Honour: 4 Hearbreaker: 4 Races #9 will begin at approx. 1:30pm
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    Canada's Cup

    Thanks for the offer, but I believe Wally has that already set up.
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    Canada's Cup

    Victrix will be out on Saturday and Sunday practicing with Heartbreaker. Scott Dickson is coming in to helm and do tactics on Victrix. The other crew members will be the old men of Victrix. We aren't suppose to be doing many full race. Mainly starts and up wind practice. I'm sure we won't...
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    Chicago To Mackinac 2007

    Clean - That's Cute!
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    Concordia 47

    Victrix - Hull #1 Built in 1999 USA 47001 - Carroll Marine - Farr Design Formerly " Wired" out of Newport RI Now owned by Curt Kime since 2001 out of Detroit - GPYC Great all around boat. Good in light air. Loves heavy air. Never had any problems with hull or deck...
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    Concordia 47

    Concordia 47 images