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  1. mowgli

    WTF is going on with Raymarine?

    Ray marine NG is nmea2000 only the connectors are different, the cables are the same even the colors. I have a mix of actisense QNB1 connection box, Ramarine (displays, autopilot, plotter), Garmin logs, Vesper AIS, Icom VHF, LCJ Capteur wind, A+T change over switch for the logs. + Yacht device...
  2. mowgli

    Reefing setup (hooks, boom clutches, etc)

    Here is a Youtube of it and you can see how it works
  3. mowgli

    Weighing with Load Cells

    Depends on the mass of the boat, for a boat of 10000kg no, but for a boat of 1200 kg. Most of the load cells of the cranes are not that accurate and are a couple of 100kg's off. My boat went in the crane in France for vacation with all the stuf onboard and the crane driver tolt me it was 1600kg...
  4. mowgli

    Save this TRT1200 (Hurricane Ian flipped her)

    And that are not the only boats he did rebuild / build.
  5. mowgli

    Save this TRT1200 (Hurricane Ian flipped her)

    Some video from Richard with only for the four times sailing before with his then new F32SR, did 24kn only with the two of us. Very skilled sailor, he helpt me to get the info about the SR so I could implement it in my F32R.
  6. mowgli

    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    You are right thanks.
  7. mowgli

    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    What has happend to Wild Oats, they are doing 6kn for a while now and they are in the middel of the slower boats.
  8. mowgli

    Zeus3 started showing own vessel as a separate vessel and dangerous.

    You can find it in the manual page 110 (RTFM) even I did find it and I havent any B&G equipment on my boat. Your vessel’s MMSI number You need to have your own MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) number entered in the system to receive addressed messages...
  9. mowgli

    Halyard jammers / clutches

    I have three KJ10 's on my mast for the main jib and heavy weather jib, I have F32R. I have also 2 constrictors for the tack lines of the screacher and genacker. 2 constrictor's for mast canting and 2 for rotating the genacker boom. For my jib and main I have let the release lines to the...
  10. mowgli

    Route du Rhum Multi vs Class40 monos
  11. mowgli

    Wind Instruments for rotating mast

    This firm deliverers a multiplexer what also can do mast rotation compensation with two compasses. A sailor on the F-boat forum was testing it and he was positive about it.
  12. mowgli

    Semi-rugged Laptop for Expedition Software

    I use a Getac F110 for my navigation software and I also have also the optional keyboard on it.
  13. mowgli

    IDEC’s Anti-capsize device

    This does not help much to prevent a capsize, have you ever sailed on a large multihull, I see nothing in your article to prevent a multihull from a capsize others than reef sail. Multi Hulls Once a multi-hulled boat has capsized, it will not be possible to right it. You should remain near...
  14. mowgli

    Libertist 703 - new folding and foiling trimaran

    On the Farrier forum some one did say that he did hear that they were getting started again this year, but that I did hear many times before.
  15. mowgli

    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    I have a block and tackle system with constrictors
  16. mowgli

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    I explained to some people why the mast did stay up of Scallywag, they didn't see there was an other stay
  17. mowgli

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    By this failure the forestay stayed intact but the attachment between the deck and the furler did give way so the jib can't help in this instance. 
  18. mowgli

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    If your tack of your jib is on the furler and the furler breaks free you have no tension on the jib. I think your tack of your jib is separate fitted to the deck and than it works.
  19. mowgli

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    They have more stays they can set, with the IMOCA 60 is this common practice as a safety feature.
  20. mowgli

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    That does not help if the furler is breaking away from the deck  ;)