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    Keep Your Pros on the Dock

    Pros are infesting Corinthian classes? huh? Also not seeing any pros in any meaningful degree in dinghy classes aside from maybe 505s, so idk what your 'lowest level of sailing' is referring to. Let's stop pretending here. When the average bar to enter one-design fleets (even lasers!) in the US...
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    Keep Your Pros on the Dock

    ...why not go sail in a corinthian class? Or, i don't know, just get better?
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    Jobson Nails It!

    Life is full of assholes in general, I kind of doubt sailboat racing harbors a higher-than-average percentage
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    can't really think of a circumstance where a team would want to do two tacks within 10 seconds
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    Why not simply two jibes / two tacks within a certain amount of time for 'self-inflicted' fouls?
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    Sad Ad: so emblematic of our sailing times

    yeah I know the seller... handicap racing isn't dead in sfl, he was just not winning in it
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Forgive my ignorance, but how are etnz allowed to test a full-scale b1? I thought that teams were limited to either full scale 1st-gen boat + ac40 or leq12 + ac40, and by my count, etnz has run both an leq12 and an ac40. Or does their leq12 not count because the hull was that of a stock ac40?
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    Mark Mills designed 60’ offshore foiler

    Isn't that what the 69Fs are for? Pretty sure nyyc is planning on practicing their youth/women's squads on those
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    Cayard out at US Failing

    Still needs executives (in its current form)
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    Cayard out at US Failing

    So they make... not that much? Seems very reasonable for the executive team of an organization
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    8 Bells Mr Diaz!!!

    Incredibly sad. Local Miami folklore maintains that he sailed from Cuba on a snipe, got to biscayne bay, rounded the top mark of an ongoing race, and won. Today, the left shift off the tip of key biscayne in a seabreeze is called the "Old Man Expressway" after Gonzalo. I remember him still...
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    Adjustments for US Sailing

    Interesting read. As for the OD survey, I happen to know the people that (at least partly) organized it. No classes were deliberately excluded - just some organizations didn't bother responding with data. Whether it should have been released so incomplete is a different story...
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    Recon diary

    Good to see that even AC teams appear to use microsoft paint for their graphics
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    The Melges 15 / Future of American Double Handed Classes

    Pretty much all existing v15 hulls are soft. The SF fleet has been repairing and cannibalizing parts from other boats to keep a core raceable group, but the writing is honestly on the wall.
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    Cayard out at US Failing

    Its going well, the TISC had about... 2 windsurfers sort of training there last summer. Oh, and their real estate got reduced by nearly half a few months back. Gold medals in no time
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    kill it?

    ...and lose the donors whose contributions make up the majority of the budget? genius.
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    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    heartbreaking. Are these imocas really so much less resilient than the vendee globe ones or are they pushing that much harder with a full crew?
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    Best USCG Approved PFD for Dinghy Racing

    Whoops, didn't look at dates. Don't understand why or how people constantly resurrect prehistoric threads on here
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    Best USCG Approved PFD for Dinghy Racing

    Not to be an ass, but unless you're sailing optis, why do you care?
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Are they intentionally pumping the leech?