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  1. KC64000

    Prepping an old Racer/Cruiser for offshore work again

    for around the buoys: Velocitek on the mast.
  2. KC64000

    Mast re-wire in place

    hi Climenuts - I replaced wires in my mast last year - there is no separate conduit in a C&C 29 mk 2 mast for cables. Wrapping cables in spiral wrap is a great idea, never thought of that. Since there isn't a conduit, you can always attach a line to your halyards to pull a messenger line...
  3. KC64000

    B&G Triton Edge

    So I thought about how I might use Edge vs. Vulcan / Zeus3 7". Since Edge has wifi you could connect to a tablet and run the B&G app. But.... 1. no polars in Edge, which Vulcan / Zeus 3 provide 2. cost of Edge plus the cost of a waterproof tablet might as well just get a Vulcan / Zeus 3 7"
  4. KC64000

    Craigslist Finds - Keelboat edition

    broken mast, no motor, probably no sails or electronics. and they want USD 46k.....the Farr 40 at 10k seems like a better deal.
  5. KC64000

    Melges 20 draft

    If you only have 3' of draft, I would just use the outboard to move the boat around until you can put the keel and rudder down. With the keel up the boat is a little squirrely and the motor can easily move the boat.
  6. KC64000

    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    or go for a Melges 24 - in your budget, number of crew.
  7. KC64000

    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    have you looked at MORC type boats? it's just under your budget, so lots of room for new stuff
  8. KC64000

    B&G Triton Edge

    Is this taking the H5000 processor and making it available for the Triton series? Just not sure why I would buy it...
  9. KC64000

    How to make the Melges 20 better/simpler

    I thought about responding to each point, but the M20 was designed for the person who wants 1 design / super tweaky / costs be damned day sailor. Taking the boat out into open water in a mixed fleet in a breeze isn't a whole lot of fun - I would look elsewhere. M24 is a good bet, but you need...
  10. KC64000

    B&G Vulcan being replaced soon?

    Any info on future product releases from B&G would be helpful, as I'm looking at the Zeus 3 7".
  11. KC64000

    Sailing Opportunities in Toronto?

    A couple of options: - j24 / Harbour 20: - dinghies: or you can crew at most clubs in Toronto... PM and I can connect him.
  12. KC64000

    What products are available to install on a lifeline so no crew has to "skirt" the jib?

    get these..... and teach people to hold the windward sheet until the leeward side can grind, then grind faster...
  13. KC64000

    Wanting to Buy 1/4 tonner or less,

    a little bigger, with some more down below.  C&C 27 Mk V
  14. KC64000

    Class Fees

    Melges 20 - Membership depends on whether you are ISAF category 1 (Corinthian skipper/owner) or not.  US member - Corinthian (USD 300), full member (USD 500). European member - Corinthian (Euro 250), full member (Euro 500)
  15. KC64000

    Bringing a J/100 into Toronto Area for Sailing Season - US owner

    Think about where you will live, then determine which YC/Marina.  You don't want to live in Brampton and try to get to a YC in Scarborough for a weeknight race.  Even in Brampton going straight down to Port Credit will take you 1 hr during rush hour.  No YC in GTA is going to be "cheap" and you...
  16. KC64000

    Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling

    Recent quote for a C&C 29 - $4100 (including tax, full frame) - that is Canuck bucks, but with shrink wrap at $550, it would have to last > 7 years.  Tarps get shredded and I doubt a cover would last 7 years.   
  17. KC64000

    Is it finally happening?

    Just curious if the COVID sailboat buying craze, or any recreational product for that matter (dealer told me 2022 jet skis sold out, will take orders for 2023 in the fall), has finally run it's course? Based on reporting in Canada, it looks like the number of boats sold each month (Sept - Nov...
  18. KC64000

    'Once in a millennium': Record-breaking rogue wave measured off Vancouver Island

    A massive ocean wave that was tracked off the west coast of Vancouver Island in 2020 is now considered the most extreme rogue wave ever recorded, according to scientists at the University of Victoria. At 17.6 metres tall, the rogue swell reached as high as a four-storey building when it was...
  19. KC64000

    Melges 20 Mast Generations

    My understanding is 1st generation masts were not as stiff as 2nd generation, hence the need for dyform shrouds on 2nd gen.  A few of the 1st gen masts folded around the gnav, so the 2nd gen mast was created with stiffer sections to deal with the pressure at that spot due to vang sheeting in...
  20. KC64000

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    Dimensions might have to wait - my mast is on a rack behind a few others for the are 2 photos. would this work?

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