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    In water transducer repair question/advice

    Or, pull a tarp over it. Should be able to position it with lines from on deck and it'll seal against the opening. I was surprised how effective it was when I had to replace a throughhull valve and couldn't get a haulout in time. But get one of those foam stopper, just in case.
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    Ever watch 'Das Boot' and want to go Cruising?

    Who needs a heating system? Just curl up with the 2x 310amp hydraulic alternators.
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    John Kretschmer dismasting has some very pretty jewelry. Chainplate prices look pretty reasonable for a full service solution.
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    John Kretschmer dismasting

    Any idea where to buy a chainplate sized amount of that? I see some online sources for rod, or 4x8' sheets. Pretty sure anyone local would just look at me funny.
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    Solar panel mounting method - above transom

    You need to pick the panel size from the dropdown. Bit misleading, it says "from $40", but that only gets you the mounting clip. Actually panels are $450+
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    Convince Me To Buy A Chartplotter!

    We Canadians have the same problem - very expensive official electronic charts. Seems the OpenCPN folks have us both covered with - looks like 35EUR gets you officially sourced but "not for navigation" charts covering Australia.
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    The Zombie Fleet

    That's sad to hear. Understandable - my club did the same thing - but sad to think of the respectful majority not able to walk the docks any more.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist I think I could take a very good guess as to the condition of the engine, radio, and fish finder, after spending a month underwater.
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    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Love that they'll sell you a 45'er with a tiller. And nice to see a dedicated space for a diesel heater in that 36'er.
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    Yanmar Fuel Line Help

    This stuff is great, cuts through grease and oil like crazy and pretty benign to work with.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Especially since
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I saw that one a while back, a truly impressive level of wtf. Always a good sign when a boat has spent half its life in repairs / refits. I also liked the water jets in the keel for underwater excavation/getting unstuck after running around. Now that's a feature you don't get from Beneteau!
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    Yanmar Fuel Line Help

    Looks like a banjo fitting of some variety. I'd see if Greenline can make you a replacement, assuming you can't find an actual Yanmar part online.
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    Getting a second boat for Scotland

    Betas are all still mechanical injection. Even Volvo is still mechanical up to 75HP. I think just Yanmar who is all in on common rail for these size engines?
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    "Why do yachts have two steering wheels?"

    But then you'd need 2 people to steer... or did I misunderstand the article.
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    An Absolutely Ludicrous Albin Vega

    No idea, but he did a similar job on a C&C 30 a few years ago, and he was a yacht broker, so is probably realistic about the market. I'm sure it's somewhere between "expensive for an old 27' boat" and "way cheaper than trying to recreate it yourself".
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    An Absolutely Ludicrous Albin Vega

    I know the seller and I gotta say, if I'm having that much fun messing around with boats when I'm his age, I'd be delighted.
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    Fixing holes in interior teak

    Some good instructions on color matching here: (scroll down to "color matched fillets")
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    Best easy-out tools

    I've got a manual impact driver that is really helpful for getting small bolts out without breaking them - a lifesaver for working on outboard motors where inevitably your work is 90% getting the bolts out, 10% doing the actual work you need. Plus you get to use a BFH which is always fun...
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    need paint suggestion for plywood cockpit floor

    I'll second the exterior house paint suggestion. I've used that on a bunch of plywood/epoxy dinghies and it holds up fine, it's cheap, nice to work with. I normally go with the highest gloss available which is still not very glossy.

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