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    Freedom 35 (Pedrick): experience sailing one

    Mr Pedrick himself actually recently bought himself one of his Freedom 35's.  If he's a believer twenty-five years later, that's good enough for me.
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    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    Check out the Dufour 36 Performance also...introduced in 2011.  There are a few boats on the market in Europe a bit higher than 100k Euros but a great crossover boat...won Sailing World magazine's Best Crossover Boat of the Year.
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    Stink Pot vs Washington State Ferry

    My Grandfather taught me the most important rule when it comes to "right of way"...the right of way is given, not taken.
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    Best sailboat to sail the Atlantic to Europe next May/June 2017
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    Surveyor for boat lying in Marblehead

    Paul Shaw out of Warwick, RI
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    2016 Block Island Race Week ... who's going?

    I think we should bring Mystiere out there! Or perhaps we can convince Vin to go out again with the Coconut. BJ would have to leave now in order to get back in time to be the mother ship.
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    B 36.7 vs C&C 110

    Have you looked at the X41 repo available in Newport Beach?
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    Deep draft in mud

    What boat are you considering?
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    Personable seattle-area broker?

    I'm in New England but happy to answer most of your questions. The questions I can't help with are the ones regarding local moorings, etc. Craig Nann Northstar Yacht Sales
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    Seasoned owner/driver/trimmer seeking trimmer, Thursdays, Fleet 50

    I'm not 170 Bob but I'd be interested.
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    Jeanneau Sun Fast 52

    Oceaneer, have you considered the new Dufour 500GL? She is a new model for Dufour that was introduced a little more than a year ago. I know of one on the east coast of the US and one on the west coast. I don't think either owner is racing so likely no PHRF rating as yet. Decent sail plan...
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    Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

    Lots of comments in this thread about boats being used for different specific purposes...shorthanded distance racing, weeknight cruise-racer, etc. Obviously one has to find the right boat for the type of sailing they plan on doing 90% of the time. But if you're looking for something that will...
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    30-37 foot race boat options

    Have you looked at the Dufour 36 Performance? She's still got a comfy cruising interior with nice fit and finish but she goes. Take a
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    Grand Soleil 45 JV

    It may be worth a closer look.
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    Grand Soleil 45 JV

    Have you looked at the Dufour 45e? Another great cruiser/racer with all the creature comforts for extended cruising. Check her out at
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    Used Carrol Farr 395, Bene First 40 or Aerodyne 38?

    I have an Aerodyne 38 coming on the market soon in RI if you're interested. Also a Quest 30 but likely a little small for what you're looking for.
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    X37 or J109, this is the question

    Have you also considered Dufour's 36 and 40e? The 36 is a sprit boat with masthead kite and won Sailing World's Crossover Boat of the Year for her ability to go around the cans while keeping the wife happy too. She rates slightly slower than a 109 because she is a bit heavier but in the events...
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    Dehler 41 vs J/122

    Take a look at the Dufour 40e as well. The boat was originally designed for symmetric kites but you could certainly do an a-kite set up. We delivered a 2012 here in Narragansett Bay. I'd be happy to get you aboard for a look. Check out the Dufour 40e at...
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    need recommendations for boat upgrade

    I just listed this 1997 Dehler 33. She is a quick nimble boat with new sails and electronics and has all the creature comforts you're looking for. Only $79,900. Check out the listing at and give me a call with questions. Craig
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    40 ft IRC Cruiser Racer

    Bow, If you're looking for something to cruise in comfort with the family first and then do some IRC distance racing or even local buoy racing second, you should take a look at the Dufour 36 and 40e. Admittedly, the new boat prices are going to be close or slightly more than the $250k you're...