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    Beneteau LIS crew

    pm ed you.....
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    Looking for wed night ride NYC, N. NJ, Larchmont, Rye....

    I am from CT originally, jr sailing etc. helmed womens, crewed heavy coed, and team racing, sloop team college Eckerd College (before they started to suck) and was captain, moved to Charleston, made Charleston Community sailing, was the j boat rep for south Atlantic/ yacht broker, got a real job...
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    J/24 needs crew (City Island)

    still looking? I just sent you an email- if you know of anyone in the area that is normal and doesn't suck please pass on my info......
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    Down To The Wire!

    HOLY MOLY! What a great regatta- Congratulations to the boys on Savasana! A win well fought.
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    Heating Up at Key West

    YAY!!!! GO Savasnah!!!!!
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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    ha ha ha- I think there are a lot of employers in the chuck that are supporting our habit.
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    Back In The Saddle - In 30 Knots!

    Go Savasnah!
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    J 80 NAs

    Looking for a fast and fun ride for J 80 NAs. J 80 experience, Lake Norman experience, 145 can get a little lighter too if need be. I can handle my own transpo and housing too.

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