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  1. bissona

    B&G Triton Edge

    I have one here, ready to fit, hoping to do so this weekend. Bought it for improved calibration (which shoudl be standard on a Zeus3s!), context-switching for the Nemesis (which should be standard on the Nemesis!), data logging & publishing (again, Zeus3s anyone?) and improved AP (see all of the...
  2. bissona

    Floating boat docks

    I had a Corsair Pulse 600 tri on a simple floating dock. We used a 8:1 block system to pull it up, and gunned the engine. Bit heavy but never had to antifoul the boat. Mine was in a marina but the guys that bought it were moving it (with the dock) to a swing mooring on a river.
  3. bissona

    New J/V 43 built at oceantec, Slovenia

    Filth. I love it.
  4. bissona

    The JPK 1085…

    And even 14 3600s! IRC2 is going to be a proper bunfight.... I've emailed the factory but am not expecting a response unless we turn up in Cherbourg unexpectedly early!
  5. bissona

    The JPK 1085…

    Any further news on the 1085? Can't help but feel one might pop up in the Solent around the end of July...
  6. bissona

    New Beneteau First 36

    I’m guessing the designer was told there needed to be accommodation for 6 (as that’s a full crew compliment for racing) and a head, but didn’t want to go for the SF3600 solution of an open head in what is really the sail compartment. The SF3600 solution just about works because the boat has...
  7. bissona

    Fastnet here we come! Double-handed.

    50 d/h entries already and they've only loaded 1/3 of the total entries so far. Guessing it will hit c.80 boats which should make for a fun class.
  8. bissona

    FULL Body Layer

    Needs to be made of merino wool, otherwise perfect. Keep this one for infiltrating seal colonies.
  9. bissona

    B&G Triton Edge

    Have one earmarked for me with my dealer but will be cancelling if it doesn't support polars. Happy to wait for 3-6 months for the relevant software update but this gives me very little worth having without that.
  10. bissona

    Best Recreational Beach Cat?

    In 2019 we rented 8 different beach cats on the Atlantic coast of France (and a couple of tris) and the most fun I had was on an SL5.2. Easily fast enough for two but able to handle happily in a blow one-up. Seemed well-built and the layout well thought through. Can’t comment on it from an owner...
  11. bissona

    Favorite daysailers with a lifting keel?

    I did a sea trial in one in 2020 and absolutely loved it. Similar SA/D as a Melges 24 but with more creature comforts and a much more usable keel mechanism. I went for a bigger boat in the end but cannot wait to pick up a 24 when I downsize and give up RTC racing in a few years.
  12. bissona

    B&G Triton Edge

    Nor me. Seems to give me exactly what my Zeus3s / Triton2 / Nemesis setup gives me already, plus a web interface. The B&G UI may not be perfect but I’m not sure it’s worth £1.5k to bypass…. If it could take a full polar table, display % of polars hit, and do a better job on the AP than my NAC3...
  13. bissona

    Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland

    What a fantastic race to follow. Richard & Rupert nailed it but Rob/Debbie and Sam/Sam also sailed their backsides off.
  14. bissona

    Sun Fast 3300

    They have their own non-factory water ballast (250L?) I believe, and larger cloth.
  15. bissona

    The SF3600 is out of production, what will replace it

    Have just raced my 3600 against lots of the UK 3300s in both distance and round-the-cans racing, mostly light to medium airs, and can confirm that they are extremely capable boats once the breeze hits 8+kts. Not surprising that the highest-rated 3300s rate higher than the lowest 3600s.
  16. bissona

    The SF3600 is out of production, what will replace it

    Boats like the 3300 and 1030 are designed from the ground-up to be sailed short handed (much more so that the 3600 ever was), and it shows in both layout and results. We’ve been looking at both designs in some detail and there are a myriad of little touches that make life easier for short...
  17. bissona

    The SF3600 is out of production, what will replace it

    This is exactly what happened with our fleet. We had 3 x J122s sucking up all the bodies, and then 2 of them swapped for 3600s and released a lot of crew. Fleet has expanded ever since, mostly in the 4-6 crew range, and more boats in the fleet seems to drive further interest from newcomers.
  18. bissona

    What products are available to install on a lifeline so no crew has to "skirt" the jib?

    Slow the tack by 10% as there's no need to let it go over the lines, even if the trimmer is a touch slow. And if it does, just feather up hard for 2 secs (obviously bad for speed) and it'll flip back over. We sometimes do the latter in 25+kts and a sea state to stop an inexperienced crew from...
  19. bissona

    The SF3600 is out of production, what will replace it

    Correct about no more builds, I got one of the last hulls apparently. I'm recently, and fairly reliably, informed that a 3300-esque 3800 is most likely candidate. The Bene 36 fills the family-friendly-but-fast 36 slot, so it makes sense to go for something more directly performance orientated...