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    Mumm 36 - Graffiti Train

    You went with swept back spreaders? What did you do with the chainplates?
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    Newport-Bermuda 2012

    Tracker is working fine for me now. Any way to look for individual boats?
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    Block Island Race

    Sent you a message.
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    Crew Needed for Off Soundings and Saturdays

    We sail a NM 36 out of Mystic. We need a couple sailors for Off Soundings and also people interested in sailing the Saturday races in eastern Long Island Sound. Lodging is already taken care of for Off Soundings. Prefer one that can work the bow, but it's not a critical need. Off Soundings...
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    Looking for Great Lakes Soverel 33's

    Check Assassin in Chicago. I think they have a website. And I also remember one in Lake Erie called Moisture Missile. I used to see it at Bay Week.
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    Crew Wanted NM 36

    I'm looking for crew to sail on Saturdays and Off Soundings. Have been in the area for a year and need to add people. Experience is a plus. The boat is a NM 36 and I am looking for mast, bow, and possibly runner/tactician. Some practice days are also required. Come on out and sail a boat...
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    Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Exactly what needs to be believed. Never give an inch and smile all of the way! Been through cancer and can say that it's harder on the loved ones than it is on the afflicted(may sound strange, but true). Belief can get one through!
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    Anyone else have this book?

    Tough read, but once you are sailing after reading it, the information really does hit home.
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    Atlantic City Race Week

    What's travel time from Mystic? 2 days?
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    Specifically, I want to talk with the owner of Surface Tension. I also have a NM36 and would like to find out what he did or didn't do for berths in order to race the Macs. After seeing that boat's rating, I also wonder if he went masthead for kites.
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    Calling bottom paint experts

    I think he should just take the orange gelcoat approach that he knows. After all, orange is fast!
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    1d 48 - Information

    What NM 36 is that?
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    Trilux 33 vs. Pacifica Plus

    I used Trilux 33 on my saildrive and I am at the other end of the sound. It did not last the season and there were things attached at haul-out. I cleaned the bottom once a week, except before haul-out, when it went approx. 1 month.
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    "rescue tape" instead of heat shrink?

    I haven't found that to be the case here in the States.
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    Tripp 43 Raven

    So where did this boat live on WLIS? Not many places for 8.5 ft. of draft. I have a hard time finding water for 7.5 ft. towards Mystic.
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    Tripp 43 Raven

    I would guess that this 40 would weigh an extra 2000 lb over the 43. Not close for the fun factor.
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    Tripp 43 Raven

    What's the Mumm 30 named?
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    Tripp 43 Raven

    How would you "do away with" the IMS rig? Wouldn't you have to move the chainplates?
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    "rescue tape" instead of heat shrink?

    For sure worry about adhesion to the wire insulation. Had a guy drop off another brand to try in an automotive environment and while it sealed to itself very well, it did not seal to the insulation very well. I thought rescue tape might work as a mast to deck seal but ran into the same...

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