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    California middle school teacher removed for saying Trump still president

    Perhaps the dismissal of the teacher is the most radical measure, but the children trust the opinion of the teacher and the teacher must tell the truth and teach the children the correct data.
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    School teacher color printer anarchy

    After reading various information about educational programs in California, Google now shows me advertisements for California Universities. Strangely, most of the attention is paid to higher education, for example, after graduating from university, students can write off a student loan after 10...
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    The Ukrainian army had new successes yesterday. I think before the end of winter they can liberate most of the territories that russia has occupied
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    School teacher color printer anarchy

    I live in a small town and our school teachers used to have problems with inventory. But I always thought that in a state like California everything should be perfect. It seemed to me that this is the standard for school education. Perhaps these are my wrong thoughts.
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    Lauren Boebert - Rotten Pork Sliders

    Maybe her ability to do business wasn't good.