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  1. Locus

    What brand trapeze harness is this?

    Same here. Took a while to get the Ronstan setup properly, but they it was pretty good T2 is much better.
  2. Locus

    What brand trapeze harness is this?

    That could also be the Ronstan has that spreader and hook. If you like the nappy kind Bigfoot out of NZ is a good choice. I have the Ronstan and its pretty good for me. It a climbing type of harness with the thigh loops to keep it from riding up. Properly adjusted its pretty comfortable...
  3. Locus

    Motors for junior rescue boats

    Programs here have STARTED going to electric. 1-2 boats so far. I agree with the 99-1% argument. Having a fast rib on the water or quick reaction is necessary. Also when the 25 optis get stuck out in no wind you need something that can tow all them back. Programs here often tow across the entire...
  4. Locus

    Craigslist Finds

    Unless it's changed all boats in MI need registration. My sunfish laser force 5 and 470 all had registrations. WA is <16' no motor
  5. Locus

    505 Rigging / Cockpit Setup

    When you say adjust are you referring to height? No its a fixed system. I can adjust overall trap height at the cam cleat using the splice, and I generally drop down an inch or so just before rounding. But in all but heavy air you want to be up a bit to get a better angle on the spin sheet...
  6. Locus

    505 Rigging / Cockpit Setup

    Typically they are connected to the Spin Hal. But twings are complex. (Tight halyard releases, loose tightens) So most now have trap lifters. 2 Types, Internal and external. Internal typical on masts that have the old lower spin halyard. Flip the sheave, run a line with a ring out and around...
  7. Locus

    Transom flap gasketing

    This is what I did. Just used g10 instead of mylar for rigidity I think it's the 1/32 thick. Tried the Vaseline but it leaked, go dirt etc. I duct tape it on light days and use the bailers for general water removal. I have a line to a clear to keep them closed.
  8. Locus

    Transom flap gasketing

    Mine are thin g10 so I can pull them tight. Don't use bungies, don't work. In light stuff where they will not be used I duct tape them closed from the outside.
  9. Locus

    Intro to me and hopefully advice on a new dinghy

    FIFY - Columbia
  10. Locus

    Fast nimble long wetsuit for trapeze boat

    Zhik farmer John I'm 6'5 sail in cold water year rround XL is long enough hits my ankles
  11. Locus

    Jibing an Asymmetric Spinnaker on a Pole?

    Ran asyms for years on a 30'er off a pole. Had both tack and guys run and frequently poled back to around 45d, usually ran 10-20 degrees back. After gybing 100s of times i noticed we were spending too much time getting the pole in place and not getting the chute flying correctly. so we...
  12. Locus

    Craigslist Finds

    Here's an interesting one Have to take a ferry to get it though.
  13. Locus

    Seattle sailing?

    Pancakes (hamburger?) buoys are not there anymore. Just a Sloop ball for their S/F
  14. Locus

    Sheet to Tiller

    How about one of these
  15. Locus

    Seattle sailing?

    More Like the Sea Lions
  16. Locus

    Seattle sailing?

    There is a healthy j105 fleet in Seattle. 6 boats regularly race. Also j80 fleet as well.
  17. Locus

    1978 International 420 - Canadian made out of Vancouver (VIN already researched)

    C420 in the US use the same mast as the CFJ Not tapered. External halyards. Pretty sure they are the same length and spreaders. Been a while since I've seen an i420, but I recall they had a tapered spar. Pretty sure the same proctor D from the i470 but shorter. Selden says the Kappa Section for...
  18. Locus

    Digital compass and speed devices

    Do 29ers allow speed? Most dinghies don't. Velocitek has the prostart with speed, prism without Tacktic has similar devices.
  19. Locus

    Cathlamet vs the Fauntleroy Dock

    News this morning said they accelerated to 12k as they approached and turned right, hitting the starboard dolphin on the outside. From the video they came close to aground next to the dock gets shallow in there. Hard reverse after the hit
  20. Locus

    Where is the Anchor light on a sailboat

    We regularly hoist people to the tip on 30 footers. Use main on one cabin top and the spin as backup on the other. Crank on main, take up on the spin. Both clutches engaged. Both are smaller than 40s I think. Generally they are lighter than 175k but halyards can easily hold that. (if in decent...

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