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  1. Steam Flyer

    Most egregious cheats?

    As it's currently written, the wording is that the crew shall use nothing but hiking straps or battened shorts "to position their bodies outboard."  There's also Rule 42 "Propulsion" but that covers movement, not steady-state position of crew. It's standard practice, when gybing or dousing, to...
  2. Steam Flyer

    Most egregious cheats?

    Currently rule 49 "Crew Position" I think that's an older photo and this rule is one of the favorites to be re-written. Crew can't be in any position outside the lifelines, sails not to be sheeted outside the lifelines other than by a legal spar, unless specified by class rules (ie boats with a...
  3. Steam Flyer

    Most egregious cheats?

    Crew substantially outside the lifelines, using the standing rigging for support. I would guess they are getting ready either to gybe the spinnaker or take it down. If a takedown, the jib is not up yet so flying the guy (using the the human body as a spinnaker pole to get a few more moments of...

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