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  1. DarthSailor

    Bad Times in Mobile

    You are correct 200 mile triangle. I was confusing it with another out and back race.
  2. DarthSailor

    Bad Times in Mobile

    I did a GORC race back in the day, the 100 mile on out to a oil rig and back so more of an offshore deal. It went to shit and a friend didn't make it when his boat got hammered. He got washed overboard and they couldn't get back to him. I was on a IOR one ton and the waves were higher than we...
  3. DarthSailor

    Bad Times in Mobile

    The gulf coast is a lot like the Chesapeake most sailing is done between 5-15 knots of wind speed and lots of time waiting on the sea breeze to fill in. I am not sure that the idea trying to be conveyed was 'normal' conditions are an excuse. More like normal conditions (in mobile) for your...

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