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    Ian just exploded.

    well yes they were paying 4 5 6 k a year for an avg home for wind only plus 1000 to 1500 flood the last few years but the home prices went up up up and so did building materials then they get hit by this expect the prices to go way up next year flood also by the feds wind aka hurricane was a...
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    Ian just exploded.

    btw doNOT just nail plywood to the wall over a window it will blow off the way to do it is cut the ply to fit inside the opening and cut 2x4 at a small angle to match the opening slope screws with lags are better then just screws but cut nails will work you just need to hold the wood 1/2 2x4 in...
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    Ian just exploded.

    WE USED 1/2'' SS 1x19 and tried to the concrete slab not just the ground but we first doubled the end beams tripled the deck plywood to a full inch and a half screwed down with extra long strong screws+glue then top with new plastic no tar no paper sealing and every other sheet doubled 5 V...

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