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  1. wingonwing

    Bad Times in Mobile

    I'm saying this chiefly from the perspective of limiting one's liability as a Race Committee, and also limiting one's personal liability as a race skipper if things go sideways. YRA of Northern California has had this rule in the San Francisco Bay for a number of years and I haven't encountered...
  2. wingonwing

    Bad Times in Mobile

    If you have a problem wearing a PFD, then get a better PFD. Or, you have a death wish, so don't wear one, and then let someone in your fleet protest you if the SIs require it. To me, racing without a PFD is like going backcountry skiing without an axe and a beacon. Yeah, 99% of the time you...
  3. wingonwing

    Bad Times in Mobile

    Condolences to the fellow racers who were lost in this storm. Very sad. If I were on one of the area RCs (or maybe they even have a multi-club Yacht Racing Assoc. as we do in many places), I would make the following changes pronto: 1. For all area races, either as standing association rules or...

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