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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    No shit, Sherlock
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    I can’t sleep

    Bad advice. If the problem persists talk to your GP first, but stay open to psychiatric help. It can be the difference between suffering the rest of your life or getting a handle on the situation. Nevertheless make sure that the therapist doesn't start by prescribing medication, this should just...
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    What fid do you use for splicing 1/8" 3mm dyneema?

    Blunt tipped sewing needle: Taper the tail a bit after threading it through the eye, so as to make it not to thick, fold over tapered bit and pull through. after pulling through, make a proper taper
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    Please help OP delete thread.

    How's his behavior on shore? The picture you paint of his behavior on board raises al kinds of alarm flags, if not alarm sirens. Sell the boat, use your share of the proceeds to buy something you can single hand and go sailing without him.
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    Random PicThread

    Site Where Julius Caesar Was Stabbed Will Finally Open to the Public | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine
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    My Wife Hates Sailing

    Let each do their own thing, my wife and I met at a fieldhockey tournament and we were both very involved in the sport both performance and social aspects in our respective clubs later in the clubs we were member at together. I got out of hockey some years ago which allowed me to dedicate...
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    Computer graphics cards advice - paging SA experts

    afterthought this might be a good place to compare any alternative card to the P2000 you already have: PassMark - Videocard Comparison ( 
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    Computer graphics cards advice - paging SA experts

    Any GPU that is useful in your applications is going to be difficult and expensive to obtain, we stopped using the quadros because their performance in VR fell short. The RTX Axxx line of GPU is the successor of the Quadro line The RTX A4000 might be a good place to start looking, prices over...
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    Random PicThread

    I go out sailing for a few days, and look what happened meanwhile! Truly a sight for sore eyes! Very glad to see you’re doing well enough to post again. Hope you’ll make a full recovery soon!
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    how would you respond to this missive from your commodore?

    Further elaboration, the people not paying attention to their tasks during their RC duty are basically showing a lack of respect or at least interest in their fellow racers/club members. Commodore is right in calling them out on their behaviour, perhaps he could have done it differently, but...
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    how would you respond to this missive from your commodore?

    Why do you need to respect the feelings of people that obviously don't give a fig about someone else? I'd say they deserve a swift kick in the tender parts! In my club, like many others, RC duty for Wednesday night races rotates among the participating boats as well, when a boat has RC duty it...
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    Morphing Surface

    a long time indeed Wright Brothers' Wing Warping (
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    Hobot has COVID 19

    Sending you all the best I can wish you, Hobot. Get Well!
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    Random PicThread

    Kevin Schwantz vs Wayne Rainey! Clash of titans in the late 80's and early 90's. Rode my bike through Europe to watch them battle it out live.
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    RIP Austin1972 1972-2020

    He once said something like: "I love my steak, but each time I bring one of my animals to the slaughter I cry a little" I took it as: "Explore and acknowledge the contradictions within your own heart and mind and learn to live with them. In doing so you can also be milder towards others who...
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    Bring in the Lawyers

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    This question came up recently.

    Thanks for making me lose, you bastard!
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    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Speaking of Jazz and Paris: