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  1. ghotio

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Woo hoo They Did it.... am I missing something here!!!! let's hope it doesn't kiss of death the win
  2. ghotio

    More Bull Smit(h)

    Not being born with thumbs....Scumbag indeed. How dare she. or the other way you could look at it... Wow not being born with thumbs and participating in a sport of able bodied people (where grip is some what important) to such a high level that you just miss out on going to the Olympics. And...
  3. ghotio

    "National Cleavage Day"

    How tall do you expect them to be?
  4. ghotio

    favorite fictional character. Bobby Shaftoe

    +1 Jack Reacher +1 Mitch Rapp Also Oliver Stone from the Camel Club series +1 His Grace, The Duke of Ankh, Commander Sir Samuel Vimes +1 Lu-Tze (The Sweeper) Also Moist von Lipwig and of course DEATH (and DEATH OF RATS)
  5. ghotio

    Jeremy Clarkson's BBC contract DTS???

    Suggestions for name How about "Two Guys, One Cupnt" * Used in the affectionate British way with respect of course.
  6. ghotio

    My batshit crazy neighbor...............

    A good neighbor story (not a 'good neighbor') with the moral don't shit were you eat. Newly built cul-de-sac with 5 houses on all the residents have been in their houses since they were built 5 years previously. One comes up for sale and after a very long drawn out sale where the leaving couple...
  7. ghotio


    Someone told my that I don't understand irony... Which was ironic as I was stood at a bus stop at the time!
  8. ghotio

    Tsarnaev is sentenced

    Not if tell him you're going to bury him in a pig skin blanket
  9. ghotio

    Warbird Pr0n

    To give the proper credit the photog is And there are some pretty good shit in his flickr albums:
  10. ghotio

    Warbird Pr0n

    Go on you can admit it! You found it on Jezza's Twitter Feed :)
  11. ghotio

    Jeremy Clarkson's BBC contract DTS???

    Here's the findings:
  12. ghotio

    euro is under a buck,

    more like it
  13. ghotio

    Sir Terry Pratchett DTS

  14. ghotio

    Jeremy Clarkson's BBC contract DTS???
  15. ghotio

    Parking rage - snow style

    Hey laser lips.. Your mama was a snow blower!
  16. ghotio

    Laptops - "Gaming" versus "Workstation"

    I think when offering advice where thousands of pounds/dollars are at stake you should be accountable and not anonymous. :S
  17. ghotio

    Laptops - "Gaming" versus "Workstation"

    I didn't mention the screen which is QHD+. It's a fabulous thing to behold but the down side is I have to run it at a lower resolution because no one really supports that size yet in the software that I use. Even Windows 8.1 isn't fully on-board. I think Aesthetics will play a big part in the...
  18. ghotio

    Laptops - "Gaming" versus "Workstation"

    For what it's worth I use Rhino/Bongo/VRay/Grasshopper for work, which is in Expert Witness Services for Naval Architecture. For my portable device I have the Dell M3800 (beautiful piece of kit) The difference between "gaming" and "workstation" i.e. the laptops that are designed to run high end...
  19. ghotio

    ...Team VESTAS WIND...the resurrection thread.

    "Two households wrecks both alike in dignity" Nice Juxtaposition at 27 seconds to 31 seconds
  20. ghotio

    Don't drink and drum kids

    mmm... Snaky Bs

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