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    It's Time to Reconsider Florida

    You are going to have to give examples, with cuts from actual legislation - not what you heard on MSNBC or "The View"
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    Who does NOT have classified documents? Anyone?

    Should of just destroyed the evidence and claimed it was about yoga.
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    and another mass shooting

    Surprising then that the Canadian gov't seems to think that Canada is a "crazily overarmed population"
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    and another mass shooting

    I must of missed all the mass shootings caused by people legally carrying concealed. I'm surprised that the usual anti groups haven't publicized all those events.
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    and another mass shooting

    I know! We can just ban all civilian ownership! It will be nothing but peace and love after that, just like in North Korea. You have never bought a firearm legally, have you?
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    The debate over assault weapons

    Just following the example of DAs that refuse to charge certain crimes. You can see the results of those DAs in the crime stats from nice places like Philadelphia and Chicago. How is Canada's AWB coming along? Amazing how an AWB became a ban on pistols and hunting firearms.
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    The Republican Congress Clown Show - 2023 Edition

    Yeah, it is truly amazing how the rest of the world (and the (D) party) just expect things to always run in lockstep. Just vote the way you are told, right?
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    The debate over assault weapons

    Well, the MA legislature isn't fooling around anymore - their AWB isn't good enough, so they are changing AW to "large capacity weapon", which is.. any semiautomatic rifle that holds (or can be modified to hold) more then 10 rounds, or a semiautomatic shotgun that holds (or can be modified to...
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    Kari Lake

    Yeah, large number of machines change their config after being tested and "sealed", but, hey, that isn't evidence of anything. Not having any idea how many ballots were sent from a given ward/district to the central count was another instant classic. Anything to save time with the inevitable...
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    2nd Amendment: In the home only?

    Do you also agree with this take of his? "To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching." - Chief Justice Warren Burger's concurring opinion in Bowers v. Hardwick
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    Another day ending in Y, another embarrassment for Biden

    Another perfectly normal speech from Biden. Everything is fine. He went on to tell his current favorite firearm lie.. and to cheer up the environmentalist protestor "No more drilling. There is no more drilling. I haven't formed any new drilling." It just wouldn't be a normal day if the WH...
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    The debate over assault weapons

    You really will just randomly quote anyone who may agree with you, won't you? Didn't you spend years telling us that lawyers are unqualified to say anything on the topic of 2A? This guy is a lawyer, not a historian. His undergrad degree is not in linguistics. So when Pennsylvania put this in...
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    Another day ending in Y, another embarrassment for Biden

    "Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of the war in Iraq...excuse me, the war in Ukraine." later at the same event: "I think of Iraq because that's where my son died." (is Bethesda so bad that he confuses it with Iraq?) He also said that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in the...
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    Stun Guns: Dangerous and Unusual?

    All of them? Or just all the ones that got scanned into a computer somewhere? "All" the ones that managed to survive until now anyway - which is unlikely to really be "all" of the documents. Speaking of "all", Joe, is "97%" "all", or less then "all"? Not sure why I bother, you are the same...
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    Another day ending in Y, another embarrassment for Biden

    Known plenty of people that stutter. They didn't have issues with making up fables like Biden does. Then again, anyone who actually has a brain realizes that his problem isn't a "stutter" Pity that your ilk cheer on the elder abuse. His stutter seemed to cause more issues today - it is...
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    Another day ending in Y, another embarrassment for Biden

    Must be the stutter causing this.
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    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Plenty of those on the left oppose women's suffrage. The classic example:
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    Arrest DeSantis and Abbott: It's a federal crime to knowingly transport undocumented persons across state lines.

    Of course not, the (D) after the name protects him from all consequences.
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    Arrest DeSantis and Abbott: It's a federal crime to knowingly transport undocumented persons across state lines.

    Huh, so who in the administration would you arrest for flying them all over the US for at least the last year? Will you also arrest the (D) mayor of El Paso? He has been doing it as well.
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    The Filibuster is Unconstitutional

    Not constitutional? Sure it is, it is right in article 1 section 5: "Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings" I realize that leftists don't like the rules of the Senate (at least when they are in the majority), but that doesn't make the rules "unconstitutional"

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