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  1. NaptimeAgain

    Shingles Vaccine?

    Shingrix appears to perform much better than the earlier (Zostavax) shingles vaccine.
  2. NaptimeAgain

    Anybody have EGO lawn tools?

    Weed wacker, leafblower, and chain saw. I like the tools but have had uneven experiences with batteries/chargers.
  3. NaptimeAgain

    fucking mormons

    Some of the "advances" of modern society are useful in our context but not others. Indoor plumbing creates high concentrations of human waste. Useful in cities. If you are in a rural area, just don't urinate/defecate near your water supply. The ground is a natural septic system.
  4. NaptimeAgain

    New Car Advice

    Porsche OK?
  5. NaptimeAgain

    LONQR 2

    A DSLR with a tripod and a zoom telephoto and mid zoom?
  6. NaptimeAgain

    Meme Anarchy

    Reagan had a subdural hematoma from a fall from a horse And he survived an assassination GSW. So he had enough trauma to lose some synapses and his dementia was likely multifactorial even though AD gets the headline.
  7. NaptimeAgain

    Meme Anarchy

    Looks like a kid waving bye to a parent as the ship leaves, she gets older but the story is pretty much the same.
  8. NaptimeAgain

    Superbowl 2023 National Anthem

    SA - final resting place for grumpy old guys :)
  9. NaptimeAgain

    Burt Bacharach DTS

    RIP. Amazing talent.
  10. NaptimeAgain

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Not just Florida. Maryland must use the same vendor.
  11. NaptimeAgain

    Meme Anarchy

    I liked Springsteen in the mid 70's and early 80's versions. After that not so much.
  12. NaptimeAgain

    Meme Anarchy

    Surgical H&P Lungs: Present Heart: Present :cool:
  13. NaptimeAgain

    David Crosby DTS

    RIP. It's been a long time comin'... Saw CSNY in concert maybe 15 years ago. The whole exceeded the sum of the parts. Personally I think Neil Young is the most complete performer of the 4 - enjoyed his one man show a few years ago. And Graham Nash has a solo tour going of small venues.
  14. NaptimeAgain

    College Football 2023

    TCU is getting embarrassed. Turned it off a while ago.
  15. NaptimeAgain

    Harry has permanently lost his man card

    Where are the Pythons when we need them? Imagine what they could have done with this.
  16. NaptimeAgain

    Southwest Airlines

    Used to fly SW a lot. After a while I noticed the fares were't necessarily cheaper than the big legacy carriers. SW boarding is a sad joke - the passengers who need "medical" early boarding run up the jetway after landing. It's a miracle I tell ya. At this point Delta can be a better choice...
  17. NaptimeAgain

    Search Engine for Scientific Results?

    It helps to have some familiarity with research study designs and basics statistics. Even on bona fide research sites you can spend a lot of time sifting through chaff.
  18. NaptimeAgain

    Who kept their old film roll camera?

    An old Nikon. I never use it though. Had a home darkroom etc. Glad not to be fighting dust and figuring out how to safely dispose of the chemicals,
  19. NaptimeAgain

    Who has the best national anthem?

    The US Pledge of Allegiance literally is "to the flag..." I don't think this discussion is about questioning the services furnished by American in any settings, not just the military or first responders. People doing good things may have very...

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